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    Spring – Bohemond I, prince of Antioch, marries Constance of France (daughter of King Philip I) in the cathedral of Chartres. Philip agrees to marry his second daughter, the 9-year-old Cecile of France, to Tancred (nephew of Bohemond). Meanwhile, Bohemond mobilises an expeditionary force (some 30,000 men) to begin a campaign against Emperor ...

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  3. Initially, forts were maintained on the Stanegate line, but in around 124 AD – 125 AD the decision was taken to build forts on the Wall itself, and the Stanegate ones were closed down. The Roman forts of Cumbria are "auxiliary forts" – that is, housing auxiliary units of infantry and cavalry, rather than a legion , as at Chester .

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  6. En 1106/1107, Ahmad ibn Nizam al-Mulk, hijo del famoso visir Nizam al-Mulk, acudió al tribunal de Muhammad I para presentar una denuncia contra el rais (jefe) de Hamadan. Cuando Ahmad llegó a la corte, Muhammad I lo nombró visir, en sustitución de Sa'd al-Mulk Abu'l-Mahasen Abi, que había sido ejecutado recientemente por sospecha de herejía.

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    May 29 – Battle of Uclés: Almoravid forces defeat the armies of Castile and León. The advance of the Reconquista is halted, and the Berbers re-capture the towns of Uclés, Cuenca, Huete and Ocaña. The Christians, many of nobility, are beheaded. July 29 – King Philip I (the Amorous) dies at Melun, after a 48-year reign.

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    relacionados con: AD 1106 wikipedia