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    Hace 1 día · The Joseon court, pressured by encroachment from larger powers, felt the need to reinforce national integrity and declared the Korean Empire, along with the Gwangmu Reform in 1897. King Gojong assumed the title of Emperor in order to assert Korea's independence.

  2. Hace 3 días · 1897 Thirty Days' War; 20th century Explosion of the Hawthorn Ridge mine, 1 July 1916, marked the beginning of the Battle of the Somme.

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    Hace 2 días · A ceremonial jade cong of the Liangzhu culture. The celebrated neolithic culture of Hemudu is known to have inhabited Yuyao, 100 km (62 mi) south-east of Hangzhou, as far back as seven thousand years ago. [12] It was during this time that rice was first cultivated in southeast China. [13]

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  4. Hace 3 días · The notebook in which Ronald Ross first described pigmented malaria parasites in stomach tissues of an Anopheles mosquito, 20 and 21 August 1897 The establishment of the scientific method from about the mid-19th century on demanded testable hypotheses and verifiable phenomena for causation and transmission.

  5. Hace 3 días · Wars between the Ottomans and the Greeks include the Greco-Turkish War (1897) and the two Balkan Wars. By the end of the Second Balkan War due to the Treaty of Bucharest (1913) Greece grew by two-thirds; it went from 64,790 to 108,610 km 2 (25,020 to 41,930 sq mi) and its population from 2,660,000 to 4,363,000. [41]

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    Hace 2 días · The origin of the name of the river remains unclear. According to a legend recounted by Moldavian chroniclers Dimitrie Cantemir and Grigore Ureche, Prince Dragoș named the river after hunting aurochs: following the chase, the prince's exhausted hound Molda (Seva) was drowned in the river.

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    21 de sept. de 2023 · When Elektrizitätswerk Lonza was founded in 1897, it was a joint-stock company with a share capital of CHF 800,000 (around CHF 27 million today). The company was set up to establish and expand the hydroelectric power of the River Lonza for the manufacture of electrochemical and electrometallurgical products.