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  1. › wiki › Kublai_KhanKublai Khan - Wikipedia

    hace 3 días · Kublai Khan named Abaqa as the new Ilkhan (obedient khan) and nominated Batu's grandson Mentemu for the throne of Sarai, the capital of the Golden Horde. The Kublaids in the east retained suzerainty over the Ilkhans until the end of their regime.

  2. › entriesAbāqā Khān — Brill

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  3. hace 3 días · Kublai named Hulagu's son Abaqa as new Ilkhan, and nominated Batu's grandson Möngke Temür to lead the Golden Horde. Abaqa sought foreign alliances, such as attempting to form a Franco-Mongol alliance against the Egyptian Mamluks. Ariqboqe surrendered to Kublai at Shangdu on 21 August 1264. Campaigns of Kublai Khan (1264–1294)

  4. › wiki › GeikhatuGaykhatu - Wikipedia

    He was born to Abaqa and Nukdan Khatun, a Tatar lady in c.1259. He was living in Jazira during Tekuder 's reign and had to flee to Arghun in Khorasan after Qonqurtai's execution in 1284. [2] He was given as hostage to Tekuder by Arghun as a condition of truce in June 1284 and put in orda of Todai Khatun, his step-mother. [3]

  5. › wiki › Qipchaq_KhanateGolden Horde - Wikipedia

    hace 4 días · The territory of the Golden Horde at its peak extended from Siberia and Central Asia to parts of Eastern Europe from the Urals to the Danube in the west, and from the Black Sea to the Caspian Sea in the south, while bordering the Caucasus Mountains and the territories of the Mongol dynasty known as the Ilkhanate.

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  7. 21/09/2021 · Ghazan Khan (cucu Abaqa Khan), juga ikut mencoba untuk menguasai Dinasti Mamluk dengan mengirimkan laskar pasukan sebanyak 30.000 tentara, tetapi berhasil dipatahkan di daerah Marj As-Saffar pada Tahun 1303, lebih tepatnya daerah bagian selatan Kota Damaskus.

  1. Anuncios
    relacionados con: Abaqa Kan
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