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  1. A prominent example is 1 Ceres, the largest asteroid, which is an interloper in the family once named after it (the Ceres family, now the Gefion family). Spectral characteristics can also be used to determine the membership (or otherwise) of asteroids in the outer regions of a family, as has been used e.g. for the Vesta family , whose members have an unusual composition.

  2. Hi Fly's first aircraft was an Airbus A330-300 which had previously been operated by Air Luxor (which was owned by the same family that now owns Hi Fly before being sold and shut down). The aircraft was recently on contract to the Air Component of the Belgian Armed Forces until the end of 2013.

  3. Wissenschaftlicher Name; Micrococcaceae Pribram 1929 emend. Zhi et al. 2009: Die Micrococcaceae sind eine Bakterienfamilie. Die deutsche Bezeichnung Mikrokokken (eingedeutschter Plural aus dem latinisierten Singular Micrococcus, der sich aus den beiden altgriechischen Bestandteilen altgriechisch μικρός mikros, deutsch ‚klein‘ und altgriechisch κόκκος kókkos, deutsch ‚Kern ...

  4. 24/07/2014 · These are great! Exactly what I needed as I try to eliminate some things from my diet. I wanted to share how I cooked them for my family of 4 in a large batch because I found it VERY tricky to keep the banana from burning on the pan after the first few pancakes. I used 4 bananas and eight eggs.