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  1. In Ethiopia, Afar is written with the Ge'ez script (Ethiopic script). Since around 1849, the Latin script has been used in other areas to transcribe the language. Additionally, Afar is also transcribed using the Arabic script. In the early 1970s, two Afar intellectuals and nationalists, Dimis and Redo, formalized the Afar alphabet.

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    The Afar language is spoken by ethnic Afars in the Afar Region of Ethiopia, as well as in southern Eritrea and northern Djibouti. However, since the Afar are traditionally nomadic herders, Afar speakers may be found further afield. Together, with the Saho language, Afar constitutes the Saho–Afar dialect cluster.

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    Oo-Wikipedia bezinye iilwimi zasemZantsi Afrika IsiBhulu · IsiNgesi · IsiPedi · IsiSotho · IsiSwati · IsiTsonga · IsiTswana · IsiVenda · IsiZulu Abanye oo-Wikipedia bezinye iilwimi zasemZantsi Afrika ezingekho kwezi zisetyenziswa kakhulu