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  1. Lady Diana soon married John Russell, 4th Duke of Bedford. Although in his youth he was undoubtedly a spendthrift and womaniser, Frederick settled down following his marriage to the sixteen-year-old Augusta of Saxe-Gotha on 27 April 1736. [24]

  2. At this time, the Duchy of Pomerania was co-ruled by duke Wartislaw III of Demmin and duke Barnim I of Stettin. After the Danes retreated, Brandenburg took her chance and invaded Pomerania-Demmin. In 1231, Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II gave the duchy, which then was again a part of the empire, as a fief to the Ascanian margraves of Brandenburg.

  3. Princess Eleonore Erdmuthe of Saxe-Eisenach (mother of 187) 376. William Henry, Prince of Nassau-Usingen (father of 188) 377. Charlotte Amalie, Countess of Nassau-Dillenburg (mother of 188) 378. John William III, Duke of Saxe-Eisenach (father of 189) 379. Magdalene Sibylle of Saxe-Weissenfels (mother of 189) 380.

  4. Édouard-Auguste de Grande-Bretagne, duc de Kent et Strathearn, né le 2 novembre 1767 au palais de Buckingham et mort le 23 janvier 1820 à Woolbrook Cottage, est le quatrième fils du roi George III de Grande-Bretagne et le père de la reine Victoria. Le 23 avril 1799, il est titré comte de Dublin, duc de Kent et Strathearn.

  5. 喬治三世(英語: George III ,1738年6月4日-1820年1月29日),全名乔治·威廉·弗雷德里克(英語: George William Frederick ),1760年10月25日登基為大不列顛國王和愛爾蘭國王,至1801年1月1日後因大不列顛王國及愛爾蘭王國組成聯合王國而成為聯合王國國王,直到1820年逝世為止。