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    St James's is a central district in the City of Westminster, London, forming part of the West End. In the 17th century the area developed as a residential location for the British aristocracy, and around the 19th century was the focus of the development of gentlemen's clubs.

    • 10,828 (2011 Census. Ward)
    • Westminster
  2. St James's es un barrio (district) central en Londres en la ciudad de Westminster, formando parte del West End. En el siglo XVII la zona se desarrolló como un lugar residencial para la aristocracia británica y alrededor del siglo XIX formó el centro del desarrollo de clubes de caballeros.

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    St. James's is a novel by William Harrison Ainsworth serially published in 1844. It describes the events surrounding the end of Queen Anne's reign and the dispute between the Duke and Duchess of Marlborough with two Tories for influence over the queen.

    While Ainsworth served as editor for his own magazine, Ainsworth's Magazine, he included many of his own works. Of these, Saint James's or the Court of Queen Anne, An Historical Romance ran from January 1844 until December 1844. It was also published as a three volume set in 1844 by John Mortimer. The work was illustrated by George Cruikshanks, whi...

    Of all of Ainsworth's novels, the plot of St. James's is almost non-existent. The story takes place during the end of Queen Anne's reign. She was friends with the Duchess of Marlborough, and two Tories, Robert Harley and Henry St John, want to separate the Duchess and the queen. After plotting, they are finally able to separate the two, which allow...

    In terms of characters, Ainsworth's Queen Anne in Saint James's is controlled by fate and by others. When the novel starts, she is controlled by the Duchess of Marlborough. After the Duchess loses status, Queen Anne comes under the sway of Abigail Hill, a woman that is controlling the queen for Harley. Ainsworth uses the same kind of depiction for ...

    St. James's is based on the events during Queen Anne's reign. In particular, it deals with the real events surrounding the Duke of Malborough and the political intrigue of Harley and St. John against him. Queen Anne's character reflects the description by the Duchess of Marlborough: "she certainly... meant well and was not a fool; but nobody can ma...

    In 1911, S. M. Ellis claims that the work "is in a very different category to the fine romances written by Ainsworth previously and to two, at least, that followed it; it has but little pretensions to literary merit, and the romantic glamour so characteristic, as a rule, of the author's work is lacking". This was followed by Worth as he explains th...

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    1. James, brother of Jesus(died 62 or 69), also known as James the Just 2. James the Great (died 44), Apostle, also known as James, son of Zebedee, or Saint James the Greater 2.1. Saint James Matamoros, or Saint James the Moor-slayer 3. James, son of Alphaeus(died c. 62), Apostle, also known as James the Less 4. James the Less, possibly the same as the son of Alphaeus or the brother of Jesus 5. James Intercisus(died 421), also known as St James the Mutilated 6. James the Deacon(died after 671...

    People with the surname

    1. Rebecca St. James(born 1977), Australian Christian singer and actress 2. Simone St. James(born 19??), Canadian author 3. Susan Saint James(born 1946), American actress and activist 4. Lyn St. James(born 1947), American racecar driver


    1. St James, New South Wales 2. St James, Victoria 3. St James, Western Australia


    1. St. James-Assiniboia, Winnipeg 2. Saint James Parish, New Brunswick 3. St. James (electoral district), Quebec, 1892–1952 4. St. James (provincial electoral district), Manitoba 5. St. James Town, Toronto, Ontario

    United Kingdom

    1. St James's, a district in the City of Westminster, London 1.1. St James's Street 1.2. Westminster St James, or St James Piccadilly, a former civil parish 2. St. James End, Northampton, also known as St. James 3. St James' Park, football stadium in Newcastle Upon Tyne

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  4. St James's Palace is the most senior royal palace in the United Kingdom. It gives its name to the Court of St James's, which is the monarch's royal court and is located in the City of Westminster in London.

    • 1536
    • Tudor
  5. St. James's Gate Brewery St. James's Gate (en irlandés, Grúdlann Gheata Naomh Séamuis, en inglés, St. James's Gate Brewery) es una cervecería fundada en 1759 en Dublín, Irlanda, por Arthur Guinness. La compañía ahora es parte de Diageo, una compañía británica formada a partir de la fusión de Guinness y Grand Metropolitan en 1997.