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  1. Vista de la fachada. El palacio de Estocolmo (en sueco, Stockholms slott) es la residencia oficial y el mayor de los palacios de la monarquía sueca. Aunque la residencia privada de la familia real es el palacio de Drottningholm. El palacio de Estocolmo está situado en Stadsholmen (“isla de la ciudad”), en Gamla Stan (la ciudad vieja) en ...

  2. 59° 19' 36" N 18° 04' 18" E. O Palácio Real de Estocolmo ( Stockholms slott, em sueco) é a residência oficial e o maior de todos os palácios reais do Monarca da Suécia (a residência particular da Família Real Sueca é o Palácio de Drottningholm ). O Palácio de Estocolmo está localizado na ilha de Stadsholmen, em Gamla Stan (a cidade ...

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    The first building on this site was a fortress with a core tower built in the 13th century by Birger Jarl to defend Lake Mälaren. The fortress grew to a castle, eventually named Tre Kronorfor the core tower's spire top decorated with three crowns.


    The palace is made of brick and sandstone. The roofs are covered with copper and are slanting inward towards the inner courtyard. On the main building they are encircled by a balustrade made of stone. The building consists of four rows, commonly named after the four cardinal directions. The facades of the palace were each given their own design and not the same as the original northern row. A triumphal arch in splendid Baroque style framed the entrance and the stairwell in the middle of the s...

    The courtyards

    The palace has two courtyards. Outside the western row is the Outer Courtyard which is the main area for the changing of the guards. A statue of Christina Gyllenstierna stands in the Outer Courtyard, erected at an initiative from the Föreningen för Stockholms fasta försvar (the Society for the Permanent Defence of Stockholm) in 1912.The Outer Courtyard is enclosed by two curved wings. The northern is used by the Royal Guards and the southern mainly by the Royal Gift Shop. The Inner Courtyard...

    The western row

    The western row, or the western facade, represents "The Male Qualities" and the King. From the western row projects the Chancery Wing towards northwest. The row also abuts the Outer Courtyard and the two curved wings, Högvaktsflygeln in the north and the Kommendantsflygeln in the south. On the facade are nine medallions depicting nine Swedish regents and ten caryatids.The central window above the portal is where the King and the Royal Family usually appears on the Kings birthday.


    As of 2014[update], the palace has 1,430 rooms, of which 660 have windows. In addition to the text on the plans below, the northeast wing is in the upper right hand corner and the south curved wing is in the lower left hand corner. The northwest Chancery Wing is in the upper left hand corner on the plans. The yards are (from left to right): the Outer Courtyard (inside the curved wings), the Inner Courtyard (in the middle of the building) and the Shot Yard (between the east wings). The floors...

    Rikssalen (The Hall of State) The southern row
    Bernadottegalleriet (The Bernadotte Galleries) The Bernadotte apartments
    Pelarsalen (The Pillar Hall) The Bernadotte apartments
    Salongen (The Drawing room) Queen Victoria's apartment

    The palace is a place of work for about 200 full-time employees, more than half of whom are female. The palace also hires more personnel for dinners, during the summer and as guides.

    There are many tales of ghosts at the palace. One of them is the Grå Gubben (the Old Grey Man) who according to tradition lives in the cellar ruins of the old Tre Kronor Castle. He is considered to be a kind of guarding spirit for the palace and he is able to predict the future. According to other legends it is no other than Birger Jarl standing gu...


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  3. El Palacio Real de Estocolmo ( Stockholms slott en sueco ) es un palacio real ubicado en Norrström , en la parte norte de Gamla Stan (Ciudad Vieja) de Estocolmo , en Suecia . Es la residencia oficial de los monarcas de Suecia . Las fortificaciones están presentes en el sitio desde la Edad Media .

  4. El palacio de Estocolmo está situado en Stadsholmen (“isla de la ciudad”), en Gamla Stan (la ciudad vieja) en la capital de Suecia, Estocolmo. Su vecino es el Riksdag o Parlamento Sueco. Los asistentes personales del monarca (actualmente Carlos XVI Gustavo de Suecia ) y de otros miembros de la familia real sueca así como los asistentes administrativos de la Casa del Rey también se ...