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  1. Albrecht Theodor Emil Graf von Roon (30 de abril de 1803 - 23 de febrero de 1879) fue un militar y político prusiano.Como Ministro de Guerra (1859-1873), Roon, junto a Otto von Bismarck y Helmuth von Moltke, fue una de las más importantes figuras del gobierno prusiano durante la importante década de los 1860, cuando una serie de guerras exitosas contra Dinamarca, Austria y Francia llevaron ...

  2. Albrecht Theodor Emil, count von Roon, (born April 30, 1803, Pleushagen, near Kolberg, Pomerania [now Kołobrzeg, Pol.]—died Feb. 23, 1879, Berlin), Prussian army officer who, with Chancellor Otto von Bismarck and General Helmuth von Moltke, brought the German Empire into being and made Germany the leading power on the continent of Europe.

  3. Roon died in Berlin on February 23, 1879. He was interred in the Roon family crypt at Schloss Krobnitz, west of Görlitz. Memorials The armored cruiser SMS Roon, completed in 1906, was named for Albrecht von Roon. Notes Regarding personal names: Graf is a title, translated as Count, not a first or middle name. The female form is Gräfin .

  4. General von Roon was placed on a commission to reorganize the army; his proposals called for an increase in term of infantry service to three years (four in the cavalry and artillery) and expansion of army to 200,000 men. This was extremely unpopular, and Roon was probably the most hated man in Prussia at the time.

  5. 12/11/2017 · Albrecht Theodor Emil, Graf von Roon, preußischer Feldmarschall, geboren am 30. April 1803 in Pleushagen bei Kolberg, gestorben am 23. Februar 1879 in Berlin. Albrecht Graf von Roon Einer im 16. Jahrhundert aus den Niederlanden eingewanderten Familie entstammend, trat er 1821 als Offizier in das 14.

  6. Graf Albrecht Heinrich Wilhelm von Roon, 1844 - 1890 Albrecht Heinrich Wilhelm von Roon was born on month day 1844, at birth place, to Albrecht Theodor Emil, Graf Von Roon and Anna Marie Charlotte Bertha Dorothea Von Roon (born Rogge). Albrecht was born on April 30 1803, in Pleushagen, près de Kolberg en Poméranie.

  7. Graf Albrecht Johannes WALDEMAR von Roon in The Springfield Daily Union - Feb 28 1879 Graf Albrecht Johannes WALDEMAR von Roon in The Boston Press - Feb 27 1879 Graf Albrecht Johannes WALDEMAR von Roon in The Daily Journal - July 22 1870 Albrecht Johannes Waldemar Von Roon in MyHeritage family trees (Friedel Web Site)