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  1. 1 1903 ( MCMIII) fue un año común comenzado en jueves según el calendario gregoriano de los Años 1900 . Índice 1 Acontecimientos 1.1 Enero 1.2 Febrero 1.3 Marzo 1.4 Abril 1.5 Mayo 1.6 Junio 1.7 Julio 1.8 Agosto 1.9 Octubre 1.10 Noviembre 1.11 Diciembre 2 Arte y literatura 3 Cine 4 Ciencia y tecnología 5 Deporte 6 Nacimientos 7 Fallecimientos

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    2030 or 1649 or 877. Wikimedia Commons has media related to 1903. 1903 ( MCMIII) was a common year starting on Thursday of the Gregorian calendar and a common year starting on Wednesday of the Julian calendar, the 1903rd year of the Common Era (CE) and Anno Domini (AD) designations, the 903rd year of the 2nd millennium, the 3rd year of the 20th ...

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    June 27 – 19-year-old American socialite Aida de Acosta becomes the first woman to fly a powered aircraft solo when she pilots Santos-Dumont's motorized dirigible, "No. 9", from Paris to Château de...
    December 17 – First documented, successful, controlled, powered flight of a heavier-than-air aircraft with a petrol engine by Orville Wright in the Wright Flyer at Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina.
    Konstantin Tsiolkovsky begins a series of papers discussing the use of liquid fuel rockets to reach outer space, space suits, and colonization of the Solar System.
    Peter Cooper Hewitt demonstrates the mercury-vapour lamp.
    Mikhail Semyonovich Tsvet invents chromatography, an important analytic technique.
    The International Committee of Atomic Weightspublishes the inaugural atomic weights report.
    October – Frank Nelson Cole demonstrates that the Mersenne number 267-1, or M67, is composite by factoringit as 193,707,721 * 761,838,257,287.
    Fast Fourier transform algorithm presented by Carle David Tolmé Runge.[citation needed]
    George Darwin and John Joly claim that radioactivity is partially responsible for the Earth's heat.
    Prosper-René Blondlot claims to have detected N rays.
    March–April – David Bruce identifies the parasitic Trypanosoma protist as the source of African trypanosomiasis("sleeping sickness").
    May 10 – Antoni Leśniowski publishes the first article implicating what will later be known as Crohn's disease, in the Polish weekly medical newspaper Medycyna.
    Alfred Walter Campbell divides the cytoarchitectureof the human brain into 14 areas.
    Ernest Fourneau synthesizes and patents Amylocaine, the first synthetic local anesthetic, under the name Stovaine at the Pasteur Institute.
    November – Windscreen wiper for automobiles is first patented by Mary Anderson in the United States.
    The first diesel-powered ships are launched, both for inland waters: Petite-Pierre in France, powered by Dyckhoff-built diesels, and the tanker Vandal in Russia, powered by Swedish-built diesels wi...
    Norwegian engineer Ægidius Elling builds the first gas turbine to generate power, using a centrifugal compressor.
    January 22 – Fritz Houtermans (died 1966), Danzig-born Dutch physicist.
    January 27 – John Eccles (died 1997), Australian-born psychologist.
    January 28 – Kathleen Lonsdale, née Yardley (died 1971), Irish-born crystallographer.
    February 2 – Bartel Leendert van der Waerden (died 1996), Dutch mathematician.
    February 1 – Sir George Stokes, 1st Baronet (born 1819), Anglo-Irish mathematician and physicist.
    February 7 – James Glaisher (born 1809), English meteorologistand balloonist.
    March 28 – Émile Baudot (born 1845), Frenchtelegraph engineer.
    April 28 – J. Willard Gibbs (born 1839), American physical chemist.
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    El desarrollo del fusil Springfield M1903 fue debido a la necesidad constatada a raíz de las experiencias obtenidas en la Guerra hispano-estadounidense, de que sus fusiles reglamentarios Springfield Modelo 1873 de retrocarga calibre 11 mm y Springfield Modelo 1892-99 calibre 7,62 mm eran notablemente inferiores a los Mauser Modelo 1893utilizados po...

    El cerrojo del Springfield 1903era de acción simple. Esto significa que después de cada disparo y la consecuente recarga, el cerrojo tenía que amartillarse manualmente para poder disparar otra vez. Tenía capacidad para 5 cartuchos calibre 7,62 mm, al igual que la mayoría de los fusiles de la época. El Springfield 1903, por ser una copia, logró mejo...

  3. e Windows 10 May 2019 Update (also known as version 1903 and codenamed "19H1") is the seventh major update to Windows 10 and the first to use a more descriptive codename (including the year and the order released) instead of the "Redstone" or "Threshold" codename. It carries the build number 10.0.18362. Version history

  4. February 11 – The Oxnard Strike of 1903 becomes the first time in U.S. history that a labor union is formed from members of different races. February 14. Census Board within the Department of Commerce and Labor ( Census Bureau ). Department of Commerce and Labor founded.