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  1. Matrilineality among the Muslims and Tamils in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka arrived from Kerala, India via Muslim traders before 1200 CE. Matrilineality here includes kinship and social organization, inheritance and property rights. For example, "the mother's dowry property and/or house is passed on to the eldest daughter."

  2. Here perhaps matrilineality could be a reason for the selection of these leaders, rather than the king's own sons, but other reasons cannot be ruled out, even if the story is not fictional. [47] Among the Iberian , Gallaeci , women had an important role in the family and the clan, despite the importance of men as warriors, indicated by frequent matrilineal succession among them.

  3. El mar —considerado de forma genérica, como el conjunto de los mares y océanos [Nota 1] [Nota 2] [Nota 3] —, también llamado océano mundial o simplemente el océano, es el cuerpo de agua salada interconectada que cubre más del 70% de la superficie de la Tierra (361 132 000 km², con un volumen total de aproximadamente 1 332 000 000 km³). [1]