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  1. Almodis's uncle Odo was ousted as count of La Marche in 1104, and subsequently the sons of Roger and Almodis are styled as count. In 1109, Roger was permitted to briefly return to England to the court of Henry I, [1] though he did not recover his earlier English holdings.

  2. Hugues X de Lusignan [1] (v. 1182-5 juin 1249) est un noble poitevin, seigneur de Lusignan, de Château-Larcher et comte de la Marche (1219-1249). Il possédait également les châteaux de Frontenay et de Couhé [2], [3].

  3. Vers 997 avec Almodis de Limoges († après 1005), veuve d'Aldebert [n 1] comte de La Marche, fille de Géraud, vicomte de Limoges et de sa femme Rothilde de Brosse. Guillaume VI d'Aquitaine, dit le Gros, lui succède en 1029. En 1011 avec Brisque de Gascogne (Sancha), fille de Sanche Guillaume, duc de Gascogne.

  4. This is a list of female hereditary rulers who ruled or reigned over a political jurisdiction in their own right or by right of inheritance.. Each entry contains the name (with years of birth–death) and span of reign in years (where available).

  5. 09/11/2021 · The Chronicle of Saint-Maxence records that "Boso comes de Marchia" was killed "Confolento castro" in 1091 and was succeeded by "Aumodis soror sua", wife of "Rotgerio comite"[538]. "Rotgerius comes et Almodis comitissa" donated property to the abbey of Charroux by charter dated [1090/1100][539]. She succeeded as Ctss de La Marche in 1098. 5.

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