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    Amharic has been the official working language of Ethiopia, language of the courts, the language of trade and everyday communications and of the military since the late 12th century. It is one of the official languages of Ethiopia , together with Oromo , Somali , Afar , and Tigrinya .

  2. El amhárico o amárico (amhárico: አማርኛ, amarəñña [ämärɨɲːä] (? · i)) es un idioma hablado en el norte y el centro de Etiopía, donde se incluye entre las cinco lenguas nacionales oficiales, [1] descendiente de la extinta lengua ge'ez, perteneciente al semítico meridional sudoccidental.

  3. Abu Rumi translation. The first translation of the Bible into Amharic was by Abu Rumi in the early 19th century. In the opinion of Edward Ullendorff, "The hisouis Asselin de Cherville, possessed a manuscript containing a complete translation of the Bible into Amharic, created by the mutual efforts of the Consul and Abu Rumi."

  4. 23/04/2021 · Amharic (ኣማርኛ) Amharic is a Semitic language and the national language of Ethiopia (ኢትዮጵያ). The majority of the 25 million or so speakers of Amharic can be found in Ethiopia, but there are also speakers in a number of other countries, particularly Eritrea (ኤርትራ), Canada, the USA and Sweden.

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    ውክፔዲያ ዓለም-ዓቀፍ የዕውቀት ማከማቻ ድረ-ገጽ ነው። ውክፔዲያ የጋራ ነው። ሁሉም ሰው በመዝገበ ዕውቀቱ እንዲሳተፍ ተፈቅዷል። አዳዲስ ተሳታፊዎች፣ የጀማሪዎች ማያያዣን በመጫን በፍጥነት ስለ ድረ-ገጹ መረጃ ማግኘት ይችላሉ።