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    Amos Nathan Tversky (Hebrew: עמוס טברסקי; March 16, 1937 – June 2, 1996) was an Israeli cognitive and mathematical psychologist and a key figure in the discovery of systematic human cognitive bias and handling of risk.

  2. Florence dunque tornò dal padre e riassunse il nome da nubile, conoscendo Harding nel 1890; il momento non era dei migliori, in quanto lui e suo padre Amos erano ai ferri corti per alcune accuse che il Marion Star riportava contro il banchiere dell'Ohio, che a sua volta infangava la reputazione del giornalista, sostenendo che fosse di discendenza afroamericana, cosa all'epoca considerata ...

  3. Ihr Vater Amos Kling war Hardings größter Widersacher. Als er von den Heiratsabsichten seiner einzigen Tochter hörte, verstieß er sie aus der Familie und verbot auch seiner eigenen Frau die Teilnahme an der Hochzeit. Kling sprach in den nächsten acht Jahren kein Wort mit seiner Tochter oder seinem Schwiegersohn.

  4. The English edition of Johann Peter Lange's Theologisch-homiletisches Bibelwerk, translated, edited and enlarged by Philip Schaff and others: Theological and Homiletical Introduction to the Old Testament, by J.P. Lange, translated by Tayler Lewis and A. Gosman; Genesis, by J.P. Lange, translated by Tayler Lewis and A. Gosman; Exodus, by J.P. Lange, translated by Charles M. Mead (also here ...

  5. Robert Emhardt, Actor: 3:10 to Yuma. Robert Emhardt looked and sounded as if he had intentionally been created by some perverse god to play villains. Though rotund, he had hooded, lizard-like eyes and a drawling whine in his voice. The real Robert Emhardt, however, was a well-educated, cultured, generous man, not at all like the characters he often portrayed. Robert Christian Emhardt ...

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    John is a common English name and surname: . John (given name) John (surname) John may also refer to: . New Testament Works. Johannine literature. Gospel of John, a title often shortened to John

  7. En 1886, Kling se había divorciado de su primer marido y mantenía relaciones con Harding, aunque no se sabe con certeza quién cortejaba a quién. [ 22 ] [ 23 ] La relación entre Florence y Harding frustró la reconciliación entre ella y su padre, pues Amos creía que los Harding tenían antepasados africanos y estaba enojado por las críticas en los editoriales del Star .