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  1. 1527 ( MDXXVII) fue un año común comenzado en martes del calendario juliano . Índice 1 Acontecimientos 2 Arte y literatura 3 Nacimientos 4 Fallecimientos 5 Enlaces externos Acontecimientos 5 de enero: en Zúrich es ejecutado Felix Manz, líder de la congregación anabaptista.

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    Year 1527 ( MDXXVII) was a common year starting on Tuesday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar . Contents 1 Events 1.1 January–June 1.2 July–December 1.3 Date unknown 2 Births 3 Deaths 4 References Events January–June January 1 – Croatian nobles elect Ferdinand I of Austria as King of Croatia in the Parliament on Cetin.

    • Events
    • Births
    • Deaths
    January 5 – Felix Manz, co-founder of the Swiss Anabaptists, is drowned in the Limmat River in Zürichby the Zürich Reformed state church.
    May 6 – Spanish and German troops led by the Duke of Bourbon sack Rome (the infamous Sacco di Roma), forcing Pope Clement VII to make peace with Charles V.
    May 16 – Florentines drive out the Medici for a second time and Florence re-establishes a republic.
    Spanish conquest of Guatemala highlands completed; first Guatemala Cityfounded (Ciudad Vieja).
    March 21 – Hermann Finck, German composer and music theorist (died 1558)
    April 14 – Abraham Ortelius, cartographer and geographer (died 1598)
    July 13 – John Dee, English mathematician, astronomer, and geographer (died 1608)
    July 31 – Maximilian II, Holy Roman Emperor (died 1576)
    January 21 – Juan de Grijalva, Spanish conquistador (born 1489)
    June 21 – Niccolò Machiavelli, Italian writer and statesman (born 1469)
    July 28 – Rodrigo de Bastidas, Spanish conquistador and explorer (born 1460)
  3. (1527) Malmquista - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre (1527) Malmquista (1527) Malmquista es un asteroide perteneciente al cinturón de asteroides descubierto por Yrjö Väisälä el 18 de octubre de 1939 desde el observatorio de Iso-Heikkilä, Finlandia. Índice 1 Designación y nombre 2 Características orbitales 3 Véase también 4 Referencias

    • 1939 UG, 1929 TG, 1932 OB, 1972 TK, A909 TC
    • Yrjö Väisälä
    • 18 de octubre de 1939
    • Turku
    • Overview
    • Preceding events
    • Sack
    • Aftermath and effects

    The Sack of Rome, then part of the Papal States, followed the capture of the city on 6 May 1527 by the mutinous troops of Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor during the War of the League of Cognac. Rioting over unpaid salaries, the German Landsknechte, many of whom were Protestant, together with Spanish soldiers and Italian mercenaries, entered the city ...

    The growing power of Holy Roman Emperor Charles V alarmed Pope Clement VII, who perceived Charles as attempting to dominate the Catholic Church and Italy. Clement VII formed an alliance with Charles V's arch-enemy, King Francis I of France, which came to be known as the League of Cognac, to resist the Habsburg dynasty in Italy. The army of the Holy...

    The imperial troops were 14,000 Germans, 6,000 Spanish, and an uncertain number of Italian infantry. The troops defending Rome were not at all numerous, consisting of 5,000 militiamen led by Renzo da Ceri and 189 papal Swiss Guard. The city's fortifications included the massive walls, and it possessed a good artillery force, which the imperial army...

    Often cited as the end of the Italian High Renaissance, the Sack of Rome impacted the histories of Europe, Italy, and Christianity, creating lasting ripple effects throughout European culture and politics. Before the Sack, Pope Clement VII opposed the ambitions of Emperor Charles V and the Spanish, who he believed wished to dominate Italy and the C...

    • 6 May 1527; 494 years ago
  4. Saco de Roma es la denominación con la que se conoce al saqueo que llevaron a cabo en esa ciudad las tropas alemanas y españolas de Carlos V el 6 de mayo de 1527.

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    relacionado con: 1527 wikipedia
  2. 10,000+ usuarios visitaron el mes pasado

    World news, daily news, politics, business, tech... Do you know all about Wikipedia?