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  1. Prince Dimitri has served as chairman of the Romanov Fund for Russia since its creation. He was also chairman of the Prince Dimitri Romanov Charity Fund, which he founded in 2006. Romanov Family Association. Dimitri was a member of the Romanov Family Association since 1979, the year of its creation, and served as a committee member.

  2. Prince Rostislav was the first Romanov to move back to Russia - in 2009 - where he lived for two years and studied Russian and currently splits his time between United Kingdom and Russia. [14] The late president of the Romanov Family Association, Prince Nicholas , appointed him the official representative of the Association in Russia.

  3. 12/10/2018 · Prince Andrew Romanov. Andrew is the great-great-grandson of Nicholas I, who was emperor of Russia until his death in 1855. He is also the grandson of Duchess Xenia, who fled Russia in 1917 along ...

  4. Andrew Albert Christian Edward 1960. február 19. (62 éves) Buckingham-palota, London, Egyesült Királyság: Keresztnév: András Albert Krisztián Eduárd: Édesapja: Fülöp edinburgh-i herceg: Édesanyja: II. Erzsébet brit királynő: Házastársa: Sarah Ferguson (1986–1996) Gyermekei: Beatrix yorki hercegnő Eugénia brit királyi ...

  5. La danse du prince Charles en Arabie Saoudite : ridicule ou non ? Notre chroniqueur Stéphane Bern évoque le récent voyage du prince Charles en Arabie Saoudite au cours duquel l'héritier s'est risqué à une danse en habits traditionnels.