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  1. Maria Anna J. (1755) Friedrich Franz Xaver von Hohenzollern-Hechingen (1757–1844) ⚭ Therese von Wildenstein (1763–1835) Friedrich (1790–1847) ⚭ Karoline von Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen (1810–1885), Tochter von Karl (Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen) (1785–1853) Felizitas Therese (1763–1834) Maria Anna (1722–1806) Amadeus (1724–1753)

  2. Princess Anna Amalia of Prussia (9 November 1723 – 30 March 1787) was an early modern German composer and music curator who served as princess-abbess of Quedlinburg. She was a princess of Prussia as the daughter of Frederick William I of Prussia and the sister of Frederick the Great .

  3. Like his father, Louis was not a gifted economist and only his good relationship with Empress Maria Theresa and her intervention at the Imperial Court Council kept the Landgraviate from bankruptcy. However, his caring for his country is documented by the establishment of a textile house in 1742 and a state orphanage in the 1746.

  4. Anna Boleyn Jane Seymour Anna van Kleef Catharina Howard Catharina Parr: Eduard VI Edward (1537-1553) 1547–1553: Tudor (geen) Jane Jane (1537-1554) 1553–1553 Grey Guilford Dudley: Maria I Mary (1516-1558) 1553–1558: Tudor: Filips II van Spanje: Elizabeth I Elizabeth (1533-1603) 1558–1603: Tudor (geen)

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