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  1. Grand Duchess Anna Petrovna of Russia (Russian: А́нна Петро́вна; 27 January 1708 – 4 March 1728) was the eldest daughter of Emperor Peter I of Russia and his wife Empress Catherine I. Her younger sister, Empress Elizabeth , ruled between 1741 and 1762.

  2. Anna Paulowna ( uitspraak (info / uitleg); Russisch: Áнна Пáвловна, Anna Pavlovna [ˈanːə ˈpavləvnə]?) (Sint-Petersburg, 18 januari 1795 — Den Haag, 1 maart 1865), grootvorstin van Rusland, behorend tot het huis Romanov, was als echtgenote van koning Willem II van 1840 tot 1849 koningin der Nederlanden en groothertogin van Luxemburg.

  3. Anna Ioannovna (Russian: Анна Иоанновна; 7 February [O.S. 28 January] 1693 – 28 October [O.S. 17 October] 1740), also russified as Anna Ivanovna and sometimes anglicized as Anne, served as regent of the duchy of Courland from 1711 until 1730 and then ruled as Empress of Russia from 1730 to 1740.

  4. Grand Duchess Alexandra Pavlovna of Russia (Russian: Александра Павловна: 9 August 1783 [OS 29 July] at Tsarskoye Selo – 16 March 1801 in Buda) was a daughter of Emperor Paul I of Russia and sister of emperors Alexander I and Nicholas I. She married Archduke Joseph of Austria, Palatine (Governor) of Hungary.

  5. The rest of the Imperial retinue were shot in short order, with the exception of Anna Demidova, Alexandra's maid. Demidova survived the initial onslaught but was quickly stabbed to death against the back wall of the basement while trying to defend herself with a small pillow she had carried into the sub-basement that was filled with precious gems and jewels.

  6. Maria Pavlovna spent her childhood in the Pavlovsk Palace and the Great Gatchina Palace. As a child, she was not considered pretty as her face had been disfigured as a result of being variolated . She was a talented pianist, for which her paternal grandmother, Catherine the Great (1729–1796) admired her, even though she thought that Maria Pavlovna would have been better off had she been born ...

  7. After World War II. Kira was called upon to testify in the case of Anna Anderson, the woman who claimed to be Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia.Kira had met Anderson briefly in 1952 at the urging of her mother-in-law, Crown Princess Cecilie of Prussia, who believed Anderson's claim.