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  1. Maria Theresa Henriette Dorothea of Austria-Este (2 July 1849 – 3 February 1919) was the last Queen of Bavaria. She was the only child of Archduke Ferdinand Karl Viktor of Austria-Este and Archduchess Elisabeth Franziska of Austria .

  2. Archduchess Marie Valerie was born on 22 April 1868 in Buda, Hungary to Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria and his wife, Duchess Elisabeth in Bavaria. She had an older sister, Archduchess Gisela, and an older brother, Crown Prince Rudolf. Her eldest sibling, Archduchess Sophie had already died by the time she was

  3. Maria Anna: 14 September 1718 – 16 December 1744 Archduchess of Austria, married Prince Charles Alexander of Lorraine, with whom she served as Governess of the Austrian Netherlands. Died in childbirth. Maria Amalia: 5 April 1724 – 19 April 1730 Archduchess of Austria, died aged six.

  4. Maria Carolina entered a secret defensive alliance with Austria on 20 May 1798, in response to France's occupation of the Papal States, which shared a border with Naples. After the British victory at the Battle of the Nile , the queen decided to join the Second Coalition against France; [76] Austria sent General Mack to take command. [76]

  5. Archduchess Maria of Austria (15 May 1531 – 11 December 1581) was the daughter of Emperor Ferdinand I from the House of Habsburg and Anna of Bohemia and Hungary. She married William, Duke of Jülich-Cleves-Berg on 18 July 1546 as his second wife. Their children were: Marie Eleonore (1550–1608); married Albert Frederick, Duke of Prussia

  6. Maria Anna Josepha Antonia Apollonia Scholastica (9 February 1672 – 23 February 1672), Archduchess of Austria. [22] The Empress reportedly inspired her husband to expel the Jews from Vienna, because she believed that they were to blame for her children's deaths.

  7. Archduchess Gisela Louise Marie of Austria (12 July 1856 – 27 July 1932) was the second daughter and eldest surviving child of Emperor Franz Joseph I and Empress Elisabeth of Austria. Although christened Gisella , she only ever wrote her name with one L.