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  1. General Sir Arthur William Currie, GCMG, KCB (5 December 1875 – 30 November 1933) was a senior officer of the Canadian Army who fought during World War I. He had the unique distinction of starting his military career on the very bottom rung as a pre-war militia gunner before rising through the ranks to become the first Canadian commander of ...

    • Brigade Commander
    • Commander of The 1st Canadian Division
    • Commander of The Canadian Corps
    • Reputation and Controversy

    Currie began the war with no professional military experience but several years of service in the Canadian militia. One of his friends and junior officers in the 50th Regiment was Garnet Hughes, son of the minister of militia and defence, Samuel Hughes. Following the outbreak of the First World War, Garnet played a role in convincing his father to ...

    Following the addition of a second Canadian division, Alderson was promoted to command the newly created Canadian Corps and Currie became commander of the 1st Canadian Division (September 1915). (In May 1916, Sir Julian Byng replaced Alderson as commander of the Canadian Corps.) In June 1916, Currie’s division took part in a well-planned and succes...

    When Byng was appointed to command one of the British armies, he recommended Currie as his replacement; Currie was knighted and became commander of the Canadian Corps on 9 June 1917, the first Canadian to hold that post. Not long after his appointment, he defied the wishes of Sir Sam Hughes (no longer a member of Cabinet), who wanted his son promot...

    Currie is widely considered one of the ablest generals of the First World War. Among his strengths were his emphasis on planning and preparation, and his recognition of artillery’s importance to trench warfare. Prime Minister Bordenheld Currie in high esteem, and British wartime Prime Minister David Lloyd George called him a “brilliant military com...

  2. Arthur Currie (5 de diciembre de 1875-30 de noviembre de 1933) fue un general Canadiense. Arthur Currie (apellido de nacimiento conocido como " Curry ") nació en Napperton, Adelaide Township, justo al oeste de Strathroy, en Ontario, hijo de William Garner Curry y Jane Patterson.

  3. Sir Arthur William Currie, (born Dec. 5, 1875, Napperton, Ont., Can.—died Nov. 30, 1933, Montreal), the first Canadian commander, from 1917, of Canada’s overseas forces in World War I. Currie taught school before going into business in Victoria, B.C. He enlisted in the militia and rose from the ranks to become lieutenant colonel of artillery.

  4. Lieutenant-General Sir Arthur Currie was made commander of the Canadian Corps in June 1917. A detailed planner, he refused to send his troops into battle without thorough preparations. The Canadians never lost a battle under Currie's command, even though he lacked charisma and was never popular with his soldiers.

  5. 17/01/2011 · Lieutenant-General Sir Arthur Currie was made commander of the Canadian Corps in June 1917. Canadian War Museum Dr. Tim Cook’s bestselling new book, The Madman and the Butcher, details the war of wills between two of Canada’s military titans.

  6. Arthur William Currie (5 December 1875 – 30 November 1933) was a General of Canada during World War I. Currie was often considered to be one of the greatest generals in Canadian history for his role in obtaining decisive victories on the Western Front. Biography

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