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    Lower Saxony. /  52.75611°N 9.39306°E  / 52.75611; 9.39306. Lower Saxony ( German: Niedersachsen [ˈniːdɐzaksn̩] ( listen); Low German: Neddersassen; Saterland Frisian: Läichsaksen) is a German state ( Land ) in northwestern Germany. It is the second-largest state by land area, with 47,614 km 2 (18,384 sq mi), and fourth ...

    • 47,614.07 km² (18,383.90 sq mi)
    • Germany
  2. El 1 de junio de 1993 la nueva constitución de Baja Sajonia entró en vigor, reemplazando a la "Constitución provisional de Baja Sajonia" de 1951. Autoriza referenday plebiscitosy establece protección medioambientalcomo un principio fundamental del estado.

  3. Lower Saxony (German: Niedersachsen [ˈniːdɐzaksn̩] ; Low German: Neddersassen; Saterland Frisian: Läichsaksen) is a German Bundesland . Places. The capital is Hannover . There are 38 districts:

    • 47,168 km² (18,212 sq mi)
    • Germany
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    Although the centre of this state was far to the southeast of the former Saxony, it came to be referred to as Upper Saxony and then simply Saxony, while the former Saxon territories in the north were now known as Lower Saxony (the modern term Niedersachsen deriving from this).

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    Hanover ( / ˈhænoʊvər, - nəv -/ HAN-oh-vər, HAN-ə-vər; German: Hannover [haˈnoːfɐ] ( listen); Low German: Hannober) is the capital and largest city of the German state of Lower Saxony. Its 535,932 (2021) inhabitants make it the 13th-largest city in Germany as well as the fourth-largest city in Northern Germany after Berlin, Hamburg and Bremen.

    • 55 m (180 ft)
    • Hannover
  6. Wolfsburg Göttingen Salzgitter Hildesheim Wilhelmshaven The following table lists the 63 cities and communes in Lower Saxony with a population of at least 25,000 on December 31, 2017, as estimated by the Federal Statistical Office of Germany. [2] A city is displayed in bold if it is a state or federal capital.

  7. Nienburg (German: [ˈniːn.ˌbʊʁk] , official name: Nienburg/Weser) (Low German: Nienborg, Neenborg or Negenborg) is a town and capital of the district Nienburg, in Lower Saxony, Germany.

  8. The Minister-President of Lower Saxony (German: Ministerpräsident des Landes Niedersachsen), also referred to as Premier or Prime Minister, is the head of government of the German state of Lower Saxony.

  9. Geography Lower Saxony, a State in the Federal Republic of Germany Lower Saxony, the name for the duchy Saxe-Lauenburg between the 14th and 17th centuries Lower Saxon Circle, a territory of the Holy Roman Empire, which existed from 1500 to 1806 Linguistics Low German, an Ingvaeonic West Germanic language

  10. Münden – Leinefelde – Bad Langensalza – Erfurt. 603, 611. DB Regio Südost. 1 × Siemens Desiro Classic (642) RE 2. Rhein-Haard-Express. Osnabrück – Hasbergen – Lengerich – Münster – Recklinghausen – Essen – Duisburg – Düsseldorf. (385,) 425.Reg. DB Regio NRW.

  11. The 2022 Lower Saxony state election was held on 9 October 2022 to elect the 19th Landtag of Lower Saxony. [1] The incumbent government was a coalition of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) and Christian Democratic Union of Germany (CDU) led by Minister-President Stephan Weil .

  12. Lower Saxony. Deutsch: Niedersachsen ist ein Bundesland im Nordwesten von Deutschland. English: Lower Saxony is a state in the northwest of Germany. Esperanto: Malsupra Saksio estas federacia lando en la nordokcidento de Germanio. Français : Basse-Saxe est un land au nord-ouest de l' Allemagne.