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  1. Augustus Pugin, architetto e designer britannico Augustus E. Thomas , commediografo, sceneggiatore e giornalista statunitense Augustus M. Toplady , predicatore e poeta britannico

  2. The original cathedral building was designed by the great Victorian architect Augustus Pugin, and was considered the most important Catholic Church in England when it was built. The History In 1839 Fr Thomas Doyle bought part of St. George’s Fields, a site owned by the City of London, and engaged Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin as architect to design a new church.

  3. 31/12/2021 · Στόχος της ανακαίνισης, η οποία καθυστέρησε λόγω της πανδημίας, ήταν εξαρχής να καταφέρει να αποτυπώσει το αρχικό όραμα των αρχιτεκτόνων του κοινοβουλίου Augustus Welby Pugin και Charles Barry, οι οποίοι ...

  4. Gothic Ornaments: Selected From Various Ancient Buildings In England And France Exhibiting Numerous Specimens Of Every Description Of Decorative , Principles Of Accounting I & II (Selkected Material From Financial And Managerial Accounting 14th Ed|Bettner, Hilton Williams Haka, Confronting Identities In German Art: Myths, Reactions, Reflections|Reinhold Heller, Revisiting Stephen King: A ...

  5. En las décadas de 1830 y 1840, el diseño victoriano se vio influi­do por el estilo neogótico; Augustus W.N. Pugin era su principal representante y afirmaba que la calidad de los edificios refleja la calidad de la sociedad que los construye.

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    A shrubbery, shrub border or shrub garden is a part of a garden where shrubs, mostly flowering species, are thickly planted. The original shrubberies were mostly sections of large gardens, with one or more paths winding through it, a less-remembered aspect of the English landscape garden with very few original 18th-century examples surviving.

  7. 02/01/2022 · First published in Festive Star 2019 – answers at the end. During the Irish Civil War in 1922, anti-treatyites left explosives behind them in this famous Waterford building, when they fled from the…