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  1. 14/01/2022 · “After Sebastian Currier’s ‘Ringtone Variations’ for Violin and Double Bass during the 2013 tour and André Previn’s ‘Nonet for Two String Quartets and Double Bass’ in 2015, we are happy once again to present our audience with repertoire unheard so far.” - Anne-Sophie Mutter. Mutter‘s Virtuosi Ensemble 2021

  2. 15/01/2022 · Previn, André (2) ... Concerto — One Night in Central Park With Céline Dion, Tony Bennett, ... Two legends of the 20th century violin. concert ...

  3. 14/01/2022 · Dmitri Dmitriyevich Shostakovich was the first major Russian composer to receive his entire musical education under the Soviet regime. He first achieved international recognition, and governmental approval, with his First Symphony; written as a graduation piece, it was acclaimed at its premiere in May of 1926 in Leningrad, as well as in its first Western performance in May of 1927 in Berlin ...

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    16/01/2022 · Jurowski, Vladimir/London Philharmonic Orchestra LPO: 0064-2 12:11pm Vivaldi, Antonio: Cello Concerto in C (RV 400) Kraemer, Nicholas/City of London Sinfonia Wallfisch, Raphael, cello Naxos: 550908 12:20pm Farrar, Ernest: English Pastoral Impressions (Op 26) Mitchell, Alasdair/Philharmonia Orchestra Chandos: 9586 12:39pm Beethoven, Ludwig van: Piano Sonata # 1 in f (Op 2/1) O'Conor, John ...

  5. 14/01/2022 · Mac-Users hold the mouse-button down. 2. From the opened menu select "Save link / Save file as...". 3. In the pop-up window "Save file / Save link as." select the location to store the image file on your computer; for example, choose "temp" on your hard disk or any other folder you like. 4. Confirm in order to download the image to your computer.

  6. 14/01/2022 · Violin Concerto in E minor, Op. 64, MWV O14. ... BÉLA BARTÓK (1881–1945) Sonata for Solo Violin, Sz.117. IGOR STRAVINSKY (1882–1971) Elégie for Solo ...

    • 1762
    • 1764
    • 1769
    • 1770
    • 1772
    • 1773
    • 1774
    • 1775
    • 1777
    • 1778

    Mozart travels with Nannerl (his sister) and his father to Munich where they play before the elector Maximilian. Duke Clemens of Bavaria receives the travellers twice because he is so captivated by the children.

    Mozart travels with his parents and Nannerl to France and Germany. Prelude in Versaille before King Ludwig XV. Mozart dedicates the two sonatas to the king’s daughter (KV 6 and 7). In May the British queen performs an aria accompanied by the eight-year-old.

    Return to Salzburg. The year in Salzburg passes with only moderate success. Mozart is appointed to the position of an unpaid concertmaster of archiepiscopal court music. Leopold Mozart receives a monetary assistence of 120 ducats for a trip to Italy. Father and son travel to Italy the end of the year.

    At the age of 14 Mozart meets the Czech, Josef Myslivecek, for the first time. He becomes a great admirer of Myslivecek, who composed some symphonies in 1762.

    Mozart receives a year’s wages of 150 guilders for his work as concertmaster from the archbishop Colloredo. He hates Colloredo, who he feels treats his like a servant. Mozart’s talent is not being promoted.

    Move to the Getreidegasse. Mozart composes KV 1773 (??). During his stay in Vienna he appears to have become engrossed in Haydn’s works. It was not possible to determine to what degree Mozart drew from the compositions of Myslivecek, whom he adored. What the violin concerts had in common was the rule of three in accordance with his role model, Antonio Vivaldi, whose concert style apparently was also the model for the division into tutti- und solo sections.

    Mozart begins with the composition of the opera buffa La finta giardinierawhich was intended for Munich.Leopold Mozart writes home: "…the people who were present at the rehearsal claim that they have never heard such beautiful music with all arias being performed so well. Everywhere we go, people have already heard about us…" (December 1774) Shortly before Christmas Mozart listens to Haydn's opera La Fedeltà Premiata at the Kärntnerthor theatre. Later on Mozart employs Haydn’s style in his opera Figaro (Act II, III and IV). Five years later he employs Haydn’s style in his opera Cosi fan tutte.

    Mozart composes mainly church music (with little enthusiasm). During this time he composes the violin concerts KV (207), 211, 216, 218 and 219. Most likely, Mozart composed these pieces for himself. This theory, however, is not entirely undisputed since Mozart was also friends with the excellent violinist Antonio Brunetti, who had been part of the court orchestra since 1771 and who became Mozart’s successor as concertmaster in 1777 and, as established, also played those concerts. An indication that Mozart has written the concerts for himself might be the fact that he composed some sentences anew on the request of his colleague. For the a-dur-concert KV 219, Mozart composed a second adagio (KV 261) because the original appeared too "studied" to Mr. Brunetti. There seems to be a close connection between his violin concerts and some serenades (KV 185, 203, 204). Mozart tries to satisfy his audience in Salzburg. The final movements of his concerts regularly include folksy elements. The...

    After the low point in Augsburg, Mozart travels to Mannheim with his mother, where he falls in love for the first time in his life with a woman named Aloysia Weber. Mozart’s father protests in his letters from Salzburg against possible marriage plans. In Mannheim Mozart’s Cannabichwas recorded. Among others, he composes KV 296 and KV 301-305. Mozart intensively occupies himself with the genre of violin concert. He presumably had been inspired by his acquaintance with Josef Myslivecek. The influence of Mannheim and Paris is most definitely effective and determining in his concert pieces of the years 1778 and 1779. Since the genre of Sinfonia Concertante was very much appreciated in Mannheim, and Mozart, however, did not really have such a composition at his disposal, it was obvious to choose those of his pieces for a performance which corresponded the most with this genre. Mozart more closely dealt with the genre Sinfonia Concertanteduring his time in Paris. Leopold Mozart wrote to h...

    Mozart writes to his father that he spends more time at the Webers. Mozart writes how thrilled he is about Aloysia’s voice and how well she plays the piano.Mozart to his father: "…she played my sonatas slowly, but prima vista without missing a note …""…I love this family so much that I wish nothing more than to make them happy." (February 1778) The mother’s postscript: "…you will have seen by this letter that, when Wolfgang meets somebody new, he immediately is ready to give everything for such people …in other words: he is dearer to other people than he is to me …" (February 1778) Mozart plans a concert trip with Aloysia: "…I am quite sure that she will do me credit. She has already profitted by the short time with me ... neither am I worried about the action; when that happens, Mr. Weber, his two daughters and I will have the honour to visit my dear Dad and my dear sister for 14 days during our travels… …I can say that I am very happy if I should come to Salzburg with them, just s...

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