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    Mad Decent is an American record label founded by Diplo.The label has helped introduce Brazilian baile funk and Angolan kuduro to clubs around the world. Recently, it has popularized moombahton, a genre of electronic dance music created by DJ Dave Nada.

  2. Mad scientist (also mad doctor or mad professor) is a stock character of a scientist who is described as "mad" or "insane" owing to a combination of unusual or unsettling personality traits and the unabashedly ambitious, taboo or hubristic nature of their experiments.

  3. Uso correcto. Expresa afirmaciones o «verdades» o permanencia (Her parents live in Madrid — Sus padres viven en Madrid); hábitos o rutinas en la vida cotidiana (I get up late on Sundays — Me levanto tarde los domingos o I eat a lot of fruit — Yo como mucha fruta).