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  1. Henry Cavendish werd in Nice geboren, waar zijn puissant rijke adellijke familie op dat moment vertoefde. Zijn moeder was Lady Anne Grey, een dochter van Henry Grey, 1e hertog van Kent en zijn vader was Lord Charles Cavendish , zoon van William Cavendish, 2e hertog van Devonshire .

  2. Henry Cavendish (Reino Unido: /ˈhenɹi ˈkævənˌdɪʃ/; Niza, Reino de Cerdeña, 10 de octubre de 1731-Londres, Reino Unido, 24 de febrero de 1810) fue un físico y químico británico y francés.

  3. Dear Parents, Carers and Friends, We offer you a warm welcome to Henry Cavendish Primary School. We are a happy school where the atmosphere is relaxed and conducive to high achievement. We take pride in our diverse community and value every child as an individual, working closely with parents and families. Kind regards, Matthew Apsley Headteacher

  4. The experiment. The apparatus used by Cavendish was designed and built by fellow scientist John Michell just before his death. [citation needed] It consisted of a torsion balance made of a six-foot (1.8 m) wooden rod horizontally suspended from a wire, with two 2-inch-diameter (51 mm), 1.61-pound (0.73 kg) lead spheres, one attached to each end.

  5. George Cavendish (1497 – c. 1562) was an English writer, best known as the biographer of Cardinal Thomas Wolsey. His Thomas Wolsey, Late Cardinall, his Lyffe and Deathe is described by the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography as the "most important single contemporary source for Wolsey's life" which also offers a "detailed picture of early sixteenth-century court life and of political ...

  6. L'esperimento di Cavendish, eseguito negli anni 1797-1798 dallo scienziato britannico Henry Cavendish, è stato il primo esperimento volto a misurare la forza di gravità tra masse in laboratorio, ed il primo a consentire di ottenere valori accurati per la costante gravitazionale.

  7. 02/02/2015 · With stunning views across the golf course, Cavendish Golf Club is the ideal venue for any upcoming event. Whether it is for a party, wedding, presentation or corporate event, we have a competitively priced range of services to suit everyone’s needs.

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