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  1. Bess de Hardwick. Elizabeth Talbot, Condesa de Shrewsbury (c. 1527 - 1608 ), conocida como Bess de Hardwick fue una noble inglesa, que construyó tres grandes obras de la época isabelina: Chatsworth, Hardwick Hall y Oldcotes.

    • Elizabeth Hardwick
    • 1527
    • Overview
    • Origins
    • Early life
    • Bess's four marriages
    • The Stuart connection
    • Death and burial

    Elizabeth Cavendish, later Elizabeth Talbot, Countess of Shrewsbury, known as Bess of Hardwick, of Hardwick Hall in Derbyshire, was a notable figure of Elizabethan English society. By a series of well-made marriages, she rose to the highest levels of English nobility and became enormously wealthy. Bess was a shrewd business woman, increasing her assets with business interests including mines and glass-making workshops. She was married four times. Her first husband was Robert Barlow, who died age

    Elizabeth Hardwick was the daughter of John Hardwick of Derbyshire by his wife Elizabeth Leeke, daughter of Thomas Leeke and Margaret Fox. Her exact birthdate is unknown, occurring in the period 1521 to 1527; that said, according to her witness statement under oath at a court hearing in October 1546, in which she gives her age at the time of her first marriage in May 1543 as being 'of tender years', i.e. less than 16, would indicate 1527. It cannot be later than 1527 because of the date of her f

    John Hardwick died aged about 40 leaving a widow, son, and four daughters. His widow, Elizabeth Leeke then remarried to Ralph, the second son of the neighbouring Leche family of Chatsworth, in Derbyshire, by whom she would leave an additional three co-heiresses. Little is known of Bess's early life. She appears to have been espoused to her first husband during the 1530s, and probably married for the first time in 1543. Despite the story being often repeated, there is no contemporary evidence wha

    In 1543, Bess married 13-year-old Robert Barley, heir to a neighbouring estate. The exact date of her marriage to Robert is unknown. It is thought that the marriage took place late May 1543, shortly before the death of Robert's father on 28 May. There is no evidence that they liv

    On 20 August 1547, Bess married the twice-widowed Sir William Cavendish', Treasurer of the King's Chamber, and became Lady Cavendish. The wedding took place at two o'clock in the morning, at the home of the Grey family, friends of the couple. Sir William was more than twice Bess'

    In 1559 Bess married a third time, to Sir William St Loe and became Lady St Loe. Her new husband was Captain of the Guard to Queen Elizabeth I and Chief Butler of England. Due to his relationship with Queen Elizabeth I, he was able to reduce the debt Bess owed and paid it back in

    In 1574 Bess arranged a marriage between one of her daughters and the son of the Countess of Lennox. This was a significant match for Bess because the Countess of Lennox was Margaret Douglas, a member of the royal family, being the daughter of Margaret Tudor, Queen Dowager of Scotland and sister of Henry VIII, and therefore, also Queen Elizabeth's first cousin. In this match, the bride was Bess's daughter, Elizabeth Cavendish, and the groom was Charles Stuart, who was himself also the first cous

    Bess of Hardwick died at 5 pm on Saturday 13 February 1608, aged 81. At the time of her death she remained "one of the richest, and most powerful women in the kingdom". On 16 February her body was placed in a vault in All Saints Church, Derby, then the parish church of that city, under an elaborate monument with a laudatory inscription which she took care to put up in her lifetime. The monument with effigy survives, having been saved from the former demolished building. Stories of her body lying

  2. 18/01/2022 · Bess of Hardwick. Rising from a modest background to become a friend of Elizabeth I and one of the richest women of her time, Bess was also a tireless and ambitious builder, whose houses symbolised her rise to wealth and power. Key fact: Survived four husbands and built two magnificent and innovative houses side by side at Hardwick.

  3. Bess de Hardwick Elizabeth Hardwick o Hardwicke, Condesa de Shrewsbury, conocida como Bess de Hardwick (1527-13 de febrero de 1608) fue una Noble británica, hija de John Hardwick. Con una serie de matrimonios bien hechos, ascendió a los niveles más altos de la nobleza inglesa y se hizo enormemente rico.

  4. 13/12/2021 · Bess is often remembered for her architectural commissions, but today Hardwick houses another part of Bess' legacy: a grand collection of 89 pictures, the majority of them portraits. The long gallery itself is filled with a series of enormous tapestries and a total of 37 portraits.

  5. Bess of Hardwick es un personaje de La otra reina de Philippa Gregory . Bess es el personaje principal de A Woman of Passion de Virginia Henley . También ocupa un lugar destacado en el libro The Captive Queen of Scots de Jean Plaidy . Ella es el personaje principal de la novela The Queenmaker de Maureen Peters .

  6. Elle est la fille de John Hardwick (v.1487-1528) de Hardwick dans le Derbyshire, et de Élisabeth Leake . Mariée quatre fois, elle est l'ancêtre des ducs de Devonshire et des ducs de Newcastle, de par son mariage avec William Cavendish, son 2e mari. Bess of Hardwick était aussi la grand-mère d' Arbella Stuart, prétendante au trône d ...

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