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  1. Let's see. I was in Bonzo Goes to College (1952) and in Monkey Business (1952), and another one, Monkey Business (1952), also had Marilyn Monroe and Cary Grant but, as I recall, Bonzo got equal billing. Bonzo had a trainer who started to talk as if he were the monkey. Hell, the monkey was making the money.

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    While still at Goldsmiths, Innes joined a semi-professional college band originally called the Bonzo Dog Dada Band (after Bonzo the dog, an illustrated cartoon character from the 1920s, and the art movement Dada), which was later renamed the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band after the group tired of constantly explaining the concept of Dada to confused onlookers (and later still the band name was ...

  3. When he did manage to receive billing, he was rather benignly used: Bonzo Goes to College (1952) (sequel to Ronald Reagan's cult classic Bedtime for Bonzo (1951)), The Mississippi Gambler (1953) with Tyrone Power and The Man from the Alamo (1953) with Glenn Ford.

  4. 5 is a number, numeral, and glyph.. 5, five or number 5 may also refer to: . AD 5, the fifth year of the AD era; 5 BC, the fifth year before the AD era

  5. 06/11/2021 · Here answers to Future pupae crossword clue. We everyday update New York Times Crosswords, Daily Themed Crosswords, LA Times Crosswords and more popular crossword clue answers and solutions.

  6. Maureen O'Sullivan (Boyle, Roscommon, Irlanda, 17 de mayo de 1911-Scottsdale, Arizona, Estados Unidos, 23 de junio de 1998) fue una actriz irlandesa.Alcanzó popularidad interpretando el papel de Jane, la compañera de Tarzán, junto a Johnny Weissmüller

  7. The drum solo may only be 2 1/2 minutes but it feels more like 20 1/2 minutes. It's AWFUL. Not bad, AWFUL. Truly, there are not enough letters in the word AWFUL to describe it's Earth-shattering awfulness. If you want to listen to a drum solo, listen to Bonzo's 'Moby Dick' or anything Carl Palmer did from ELP or Neil Peart for crissakes.