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    Bugsy is a 1991 American biographical crime drama film chronicling the life of American mobster Bugsy Siegel and his relationship with Virginia Hill. It is directed by Barry Levinson , written by James Toback , and stars Warren Beatty as Siegel and Annette Bening as Hill.

  2. Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel (Williamsburg, Nueva York; 28 de febrero de 1906 – Beverly Hills, California; 20 de junio de 1947) fue un gánster estadounidense, de la mafia judía, Kosher nostra. Durante los años 1930 y 1940, era conocido como uno de los "gánsteres más crueles, infames y temidos de su época".

  3. 18/04/2014 · Bugsy Siegel Movie Among the movies that depicted the life and times of Siegel, the 1991 mafia flick Bugsy , starring Warren Beatty in the titular role, is perhaps the most famous.

  4. Bugsy, along with Chuck and Falkner, is asked by Morty to guard the Ecruteak Gym from suspicious people asking to use Morty's clairvoyance. When Silver arrives to see Morty under Eusine's recommendation, the Gym Leaders mistake him for another suspicious person and stop his attempts to advance.

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    Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel (February 28, 1906 – June 20, 1947) was an American mobster who was a driving force behind the development of the Las Vegas Strip. Siegel was not only influential within the Jewish Mob , but along with his childhood friend and fellow gangster Meyer Lansky , also held significant influence within the Italian-American Mafia and the largely Italian-Jewish National Crime ...

  6. bugsy(バグジー)公式サイト。bugsy(バグジー)は、わたなべ麻衣、石井寛子などが所属する芸能事務所です。

  7. Bugsy Siegel fait partie de la Yiddish Connection. Décrit comme beau et charismatique, il est devenu l'un des premiers gangsters célèbres à faire les premières pages des journaux [ 3 ] . Il est également un des pionniers du développement du Strip de Las Vegas [ 4 ] .

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