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    hace 3 días · Neo-Calvinism, a form of Dutch Calvinism, is the movement initiated by the theologian and former Dutch prime minister Abraham Kuyper. James Bratt has identified a number of different types of Dutch Calvinism: The Seceders—split into the Reformed Church "West" and the Confessionalists; and the Neo-Calvinists—the Positives and the Antithetical Calvinists.

  2. hace 4 días · Calvinism, also called the Reformed tradition, was advanced by several theologians such as Martin Bucer, Heinrich Bullinger, Peter Martyr Vermigli, and Huldrych Zwingli, but this branch of Christianity bears the name of the French reformer John Calvin because of his prominent influence on it and because of his role in the confessional and ecclesiastical debates throughout the 16th century.

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    hace 5 días · Fornication is generally consensual sexual intercourse between two people not married to each other. When one or more of the partners having consensual sexual intercourse is married to another person, it is called adultery.

  4. › wiki › ArminianismArminianism - Wikipedia

    • History
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    Precursor movements and theological influences

    According to Roger E. Olson, Arminius’ beliefs, i.e. Arminianism, did not begin with him. Denominations such as the Waldensians and other groups prior to the Reformation have similarly to Arminianism affirmed that each person may choose the contingent response of either resisting God's grace or yielding to it. Anabaptist theologian Balthasar Hubmaier also promoted much the same view as Arminius nearly a century before him. The soteriological doctrines of Arminianism and Anabaptism are roughly...

    Emergence of Arminianism

    Jacobus Arminius was a Dutch pastor and theologian in the late 16th and early 17th centuries. He was taught by Theodore Beza, Calvin's hand-picked successor, but after examination of the scriptures, he rejected his teacher's theology that it is God who unconditionally elects some for salvation. Instead Arminius proposed that the election of God was of believers, thereby making it conditional on faith. Arminius's views were challenged by the Dutch Calvinists, especially Franciscus Gomarus, but...

    Arminianism in the Church of England

    In England, the so-labelled Arminian doctrines were held, in substance, before and in parallel of Arminius. Actually, the Thirty-nine Articles of Religion (finalised in 1571), were sufficiently ambiguous that they could be interpreted as either Arminian or Calvinistic. Arminianism in the Church of England, was fundamentally an expression of opposition to Calvinism, and only some theologians held to classical Arminianism, but for the rest they were either semi-Pelagian or Pelagian. In this spe...

    Protestant denominations

    Advocates of Arminianism find a home in many Protestant denominations, and sometimes other belief as Calvinism exist within the same denomination. Faiths leaning at least in part in the Arminian direction include high-church Anglicanism. Arminianism is found within Conservative Mennonites, Old Order Mennonites, Amish. It is found in the mainline Methodists churches, and especially in the various Holiness denominations such as the Church of the Nazarene, the Free Methodist Church and The Wesle...

    Scholarly support

    The current scholarly support for Arminianism is varied: Among Baptist theologians, Roger E. Olson, F. Leroy Forlines, Robert Picirilli, and J. Matthew Pinson are four supporters of a return to the teachings of Arminius. Forlines and Olson have referred to such Arminianism as "Classical Arminianism", while Picirilli, Pinson, have termed it "Reformation Arminianism"or "Reformed Arminianism". Methodist theologian Thomas Oden, "Evangelical Methodists" Bible scholar Ben Witherington III, and Chri...

    Theological legacy

    The original beliefs of Jacobus Arminius himself are commonly defined as Arminianism, but more broadly, the term may embrace the teachings of Simon Episcopius, Hugo Grotius, John Wesley, and others. Arminian theology usually falls into one of two groups—Classical Arminianism, drawn from the teaching of Jacobus Arminius—and Wesleyan Arminian, drawing primarily from Wesley. Both groups overlap substantially. Arminianism is known to some as a soteriological diversification of Calvinism; to other...

    Classical Arminianism

    Classical Arminianism is the theological system that was presented by Jacobus Arminius and maintained by some of the Remonstrants. His teachings held to Sola fide and Sola gratia of the Reformation, but they were distinct from particular teachings of Martin Luther, Huldrych Zwingli, John Calvin, and other Protestant Reformers. Classical Arminianism was originally articulated in the Five Articles of Remonstrance. "These points", note Keith D. Stanglin and Thomas H. McCall, "are consistent with...

    Wesleyan Arminianism

    John Wesley has historically been the most influential advocate for the teachings of Arminian soteriology. Wesley thoroughly agreed with the vast majority of what Arminius himself taught, maintaining strong doctrines of original sin, total depravity, conditional election, prevenient grace, unlimited atonement, and the possibility of apostasy. Here are mentioned the positions within Wesleyan Arminianism on more specific issues:

    Divergence with semi-Pelagianism and Pelagianism

    Some schools of thought, notably semi-Pelagianism, which teaches that the first step of Salvation is by human will, are confused as being Arminian in nature. But Classical Arminianism and Wesleyan Arminianism hold that the first step of Salvation is through the prevenient grace of God, though "the subsequent grace entails a cooperative relationship." Historically, the Council of Orange (529) condemned semi-Pelagian thought and predestination to damnation, and is accepted by some as a document...

    Divergence with Calvinism

    The two systems of Calvinism and Arminianism share both history and many doctrines, and the history of Christian theology. However, because of their differences over the doctrines of divine predestination and election, many people view these schools of thought as opposed to each other. The distinction is whether God desires to save all yet allows individuals to resist the grace offered (in the Arminian doctrine) or if God desires to save only some and grace is irresistible to those chosen (in...

  5. › wiki › JainismJainism - Wikipedia

    hace 3 días · Jainism ( / ˈdʒeɪnɪzəm / ), traditionally known as Jain Dharma, is an ancient Indian religion. It is one of the oldest Indian religions. The three main pillars of Jainism are ahiṃsā (non-violence), anekāntavāda (non-absolutism), and aparigraha (non-attachment). Jains take five main vows: ahiṃsā (non-violence), satya (truth), asteya ...

  6. 23/12/2021 · Calvinism - Wikipedia 23-11-2021 · As I existed in an evangelical culture that regularly directed me inward, I was longing for a piety that directed me outward, a piety that the Reformed tradition would eventually provide. In my seminary I had a class that required me to do devotions in John Calvin’s, Institutes of the Christian Religion.

  7. 30/12/2021 · › wiki › Calvinism Calvinism - Wikipedia. Cached; 1 day ago · Calvinism (also called the Reformed tradition or Reformed ...

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