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  1. Anna of Austria (2 November 1549 – 26 October 1580) was Queen of Spain by marriage to her uncle, King Philip II of Spain. During her last days of life she was also briefly Queen of Portugal.

  2. Anne of Austria (French: Anne d'Autriche; Spanish: Ana de Austria; born Ana María Mauricia; 22 September 1601 – 20 January 1666) was Queen of France from 1615 to 1643 by marriage to King Louis XIII. She was also Queen of Navarre until the kingdom's annexation into the French crown in 1620.

  3. Anna of Austria (2 November 1549 – 26 October 1580) was Queen of Spain when she married her uncle, King Philip II of Spain. During the last days of her life she was Queen of Portugal for a short time.

  4. Mariana or Maria Anna of Austria, (24 December 1634 – 16 May 1696), was Queen of Spain from 1649, when she married her uncle Philip IV of Spain, until his death in 1665. She was then appointed regent for their three-year-old son Charles II, and due to his ill health remained an influential figure until she died in 1696.

  5. 5 de dic. de 2023 · Anne of Austria is known for her marriage to King Louis XIII of France and being queen regent for her son, King Louis XIV. What happened to Anne of Austria? Anne of Austria had to adjust to life in an entirely new kingdom as she was from Spain but she lived in France.

  6. Ana de Austria fue infanta de España y de Portugal, hija de Felipe III y de Margarita de Austria-Estiria; nació en Valladolid el 22-09-1601; casó con Luis XIII de Francia el 25-11-1615; murió en el Palacio del Louvre el 20-01-1666. Esta obra se encontraba firmada al reverso ("BEAUBRUN").

  7. Anne of Austria (born Sept. 22, 1601, Valladolid, Spain—died Jan. 20, 1666, Paris) was the queen consort of King Louis XIII of France (reigned 1610–43) and regent during the opening years of the reign of her son King Louis XIV (from 1643).