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  1. Field marshal (United Kingdom) Field Marshal ( FM) has been the highest rank in the British Army since 1736. A five-star rank with NATO code OF-10, it is equivalent to an Admiral of the Fleet in the Royal Navy or a Marshal of the Royal Air Force in the Royal Air Force (RAF). A Field Marshal's insignia consists of two crossed batons surrounded ...

  2. Field-Marshall Field-Marshall was a brand of farm tractor which was manufactured by Marshall, Sons & Co. of Gainsborough, Lincolnshire in the United Kingdom . Field-Marshalls were in production from 1945 to 1957. However, the first single-cylinder Marshall came into production in 1930. Contents 1 Earlier Marshall tractor line

  3. In Serbian, field marshal can be translated as Бојни Маршал, Bojni Maršal, and in Serbia and r it was similar to rank Vojvoda (Serbia and Yugoslavia) that has some similarities compared to Generalfeldmarschall, Marshal of France and Field marshal (United Kingdom) but also differs in way of promotion, duration and style.

  4. A Field Marshal is the highest rank in the British Army, and some other armies, such as the German Army. The equivalent rank in the U.S. Army is the Five-star General . The rank of Field Marshal is never awarded except to a General who has commanded an army in war . This short article about the military can be made longer.

  5. Kingdom of Egypt [ edit] Field Marshal insignia. HH Abbas I Hilmi Pasha (1813–1854) HH Ibrahim Pasha (1789–1848) Yahya Mansur Yeghen (1837–1913) Horatio Herbert Kitchener (1850–1916) 20 December 1914 - HH Sultan Hussein Kamel (1853–1917) HM King Fuad I (1868–1936) 'Aziz 'Ali al-Misri (1879–1965)

  6. Le grade de field marshal ( maréchal en français) est le plus haut grade de la British Army, l'armée de terre britannique. Il se classe immédiatement au-dessus du grade de général et est l'équivalent d'un admiral of the fleet dans la Royal Navy et d'un marshal of the Royal Air Force.