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  1. Casimir (or Kasimir) of Brandenburg-Bayreuth (27 December 1481 – 21 September 1527) was Margrave of Bayreuth or Margrave of Brandenburg-Kulmbach from 1515 to 1527. Contents 1 Life 1.1 Family background 1.2 Involvement in the Swabian League 1.3 Disputes with the city of Nuremberg 1.4 Franconian war 1.5 Peasants' War 1.6 Follower of the Habsburgs

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    He was born in Ansbach, as the son of Frederick I and his wife Princess Sofia, a daughter of Kazimierz IV Jagiellon. From 1498, his father granted him the position of stadtholder of the margraviate during his extensive travels. He ruled under the guidance of experienced advisors. In 1515, Casimir and his brother George deposed their father, who had...

    Involvement in the Swabian League

    Casimir was a vassal of Emperor Maximilian I and fought in 1499 alongside his father and Margrave Christopher I of Baden as the commander of the Swabian League against the Old Swiss Confederacy and led the negotiations that resulted in the Peace of Basel. In subsequent years, he continued to be active as a military leader and diplomat in Habsburg service. He participated in 1506 in Schwäbisch Hall against the Swabian League and in 1509 in the Diet at Worms. In 1513, he was imperial commission...

    Disputes with the city of Nuremberg

    Among the traditional arguments of the Burgraves and Margraves with the Imperial City of Nuremberg was a dispute in 1502 over the protection of the fair in Affalterbach. The City Council claimed to have to right to protect the enclave of Affalterbach itself and Casimir tried to prevent this. The situation developed in a political power game. Strong forces from Nuremberg had arrived in Affalterbach early. Casimir changed course and attacked suburbs of Nuremberg itself. The Nuremberg had to ret...

    Franconian war

    Casimir had been a leader of the Swabian League since 1499. In 1522, however, he cancelled his membership, when it became apparent that the Imperial City of Nuremberg, traditionally an enemy of the Burgrave of Nuremberg, and later the Margraves of Nuremberg, intended to start a war against Thomas von Absberg and his allies. The Franconian Warbroke out in 1523, and several castles of the robber barons were destroyed. The war was documented by Hans Wandereisen in a series of woodcuts.

    On 25 August 1518, Casimir married Susanna of Bavaria, the daughter of Duke Albert IV of Bavaria. Emperor Maximilian I, the uncle of the bride, also participated in the glamorous wedding in 1518, during the Diet of Augsburg. His close ties to the imperial family were visible again at the coronation of Charles V, where Casimir was given the honor of...

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    Casimir in Kirchberg an der Jagst – Schicksal einer hohenlohe-fränkischen Stadt vol. I(after a manuscript from the legacy of war court counciller Theodor Sandel at
    Jump up ↑ Johann Heilmann: Kriegsgeschichte von Bayern, Franken, Pfalz und Schwaben von 1506 bis 1651, vol. 1. Munich, 1868, p. 10
    Jump up ↑ Peter Blickle: Gemeindereformation: die Menschen des 16. Jahrhunderts auf dem Weg zum Heil (1987), page 82
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  3. Casimir (or Kasimir) of Brandenburg-Bayreuth (27 December 1481 – 21 September 1527) was Margrave of Bayreuth or Margrave of Brandenburg-Kulmbach from 1515 to 1527. Casimir was born in Ansbach , as the son of Frederick I, Margrave of Brandenburg-Ansbach and his wife Princess Sofia Jagiellon , a daughter of King Casimir IV Jagiellon of Poland .

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  5. Ancestors of Casimir, Margrave of Brandenburg-Bayreuth; 16. Frederick V, Burgrave of Nuremberg (1333-1398) 8. Frederick I, Elector of Brandenburg (1371-1440) 17.

  6. Hof, 6 February 1651), Hereditary Margrave (German: Erbmarkgraf) of Brandenburg-Bayreuth. Georg Albrecht (b. Bayreuth, 20 March 1619 – d. Schretz, 27 September 1666), inherited Kulmbach but never reigned. Frederick Wilhelm (b. Bayreuth, 11 May 1620 – d. Bayreuth, 12 May 1620). See also Ordre de la Concorde Ancestors