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  1. Princess Catherine Bagration ( Russian: Екатерина Павловна Багратион) née Skavronskaya (7 December 1783 – 21 May 1857 or 2 June 1857) was a Russian princess, married to general Pyotr Bagration. She was known for her beauty, love affairs and unconventional behaviour. Contents 1 Early life 2 Marriage to Prince Bagration 3 The "Wandering Princess"

  2. Su vida fue un montón de grandes victorias, pero pocos conocen los detalles de la vida personal del héroe. Pero en el momento de su matrimonio que fue el tema de la luz alta de toda Europa, y la esposa – Catherine Bagration – considerada una de las mujeres más bellas de su tiempo de mucho viento, y, al mismo tiempo, espía inteligente.

    • Origin and Childhood
    • Meet and Wedding with Bagration
    • Living Together
    • at The Austrian Court
    • in Dresden
    • in Vienna
    • Widowhood and The Congress of Vienna
    • Future Life
    • Second Marriage
    • Death

    Ekaterina Pavlovna Bagration was the daughter of Count Skavronsky, who was known for her all-consuming passion for music. He was also a great-nephew of Catherine the First, served as a Russian envoy in Naples and owned a tremendous fortune. As a young man, Pavel Skavronsky married the niece of the Most High Prince Potemkin. The couple had two daugh...

    By the age of 18, Ekaterina Skavronskaya was considered an enviable bride, since everyone knew about her huge dowry, which was legendary. In addition, her beauty attracted the attention of most men who met on her way. Among them was General Peter Bagration, who had already received all possible honors. By that time he was already 35 years old, and ...

    Ekaterina Pavlovna Bagration was not a model of chastity even when she was girlhood, but when she got married, she stopped altogether decency and began flirting with men, not paying attention to her spouse. At first, the poor prince in love tried not to notice the behavior of his beloved wife, especially since he was often absent for business. Howe...

    Immediately after explaining with her husband, Princess Catherine Bagration went "for treatment" abroad. There, nothing prevented the young beauty from having fun with all the representatives of the stronger sex, who seemed to her more attractive than her husband, whose Caucasian appearance, to put it mildly, did not correspond to the ideas of male...

    The passion for changing places was the reason why princess Bagration was told that she had made the “second fatherland” out of her carriage. The next city where the windy beauty decided to stay was Dresden. There she met Clemens von Metternich, who at that time served as the Austrian ambassador. Their tumultuous romance culminated in the birth of ...

    After giving birth, restless Catherine Bagration moved to Vienna and founded an anti-Napoleonic salon there. It was even rumored that she was retrieving important information from politicians and diplomats who liked to visit her house, and sent this information to St. Petersburg. During this period, Friedrich von Schulenberg, Prince of Württemberg,...

    As is known, Prince Peter Bagration died from a wound received during the Borodino battle. The widowed princess hardly noticed her husband's death, especially since the position of the widow opened new perspectives for her. In 1814, Catherine Bagration eclipsed all the secular lionesses at the Vienna Congress and won the favor of Alexander the Grea...

    When a lasting peace reigned in the Old World, the princess moved to Paris and settled in a mansion on the Champs Elysees, where a circle of admirers was formed around her again. Even Honore de Balzac was there, who copied the image of one of the Shagreen skin heroines from her.

    Apparently, tired of reckless life, at the age of 47, who at that time was already considered quite solid, Catherine Bagration married John Hobart Caradok. This English diplomat, bearing the title of Lord Howden, was younger than a princess by 16 years. At the same time, Ekaterina Pavlovna decided not to change her last name, and soon began to live...

    Catherine Bagration lived a rather long life. In old age, her legs were taken away, and she almost never left the house. This woman with an amazing fate died in 1857 and was buried in the Venetian cemetery of San Michele. Her biography formed the basis of Stella K. Hershan’s novel The Naked Angel, which tells the love story between Catherine and Me...

  3. Sí, y Catherine Bagration (el retrato de arriba) no aspiró a la vida familiar normal, por lo tanto, 5 años después de la boda en el Palacio de Gatchina, los cónyuges tuvieron un descanso final. En la corte austriaca. Inmediatamente después de la explicación con su marido, la princesaEkaterina Bagration fue a "tratamiento" en el extranjero.

  4. Catherine Bagration (1820). Dotter till greve Paul Martinovitj Skavronskij, sändebud i Neapel, och Jekaterina von Engelhardt, som var systerdotter till Potemkin. Hon blev gift i slottskyrkan i Gatchinapalatset den 2 september 1800 med general furst Pjotr Bagrationi ett äktenskap arrangerat av tsaren.

  5. Immediatament després d'explicar el meu marit i jo vam anar a la princesa Catherine Bagration "en tractament" a l'estranger. Realment no hi ha res per evitar que la diversió jove bellesa amb tots els representants del sexe fort, que li semblaven més atractiu que el cònjuge, Europeu, que, per dir-ho suaument, no es correspon amb les nocions de bellesa masculina aquest moment.

  6. Ezagutu eta Bagration batera Ezkontza . 18 urtez Catherine Skavronskaya jotzen zen inbidiagarria andregaia, denek bere dote izugarria izan zen, mitikoaren jakitun zen bezala. Horrez gain, bere edertasun gizon gehienek nork bere bidea ezagutu arreta erakarri. Horien artean, dagoeneko jaso zuen posible ohoreak guztiak General Pyotr Bagration.

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