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  1. Dora Annie Dickens (16 August 1850 – 14 April 1851) was the infant daughter of English novelist Charles Dickens and his wife Catherine. She was the ninth of their ten children, and the youngest of their three daughters.

  2. Dora Annie Dickens (16 de agosto de 1850 - 14 de abril de 1851) fue la hija pequeña del novelista inglés Charles Dickens y su esposa Catherine. Era la novena de sus diez hijos y la menor de sus tres hijas.

  3. 9 de mar. de 2022 · Dora Annie Dickens (1850-1851) - Dickens' ninth child was born during the writing of David Copperfield and was named for David's wife (Slater, 2009, p. 312). A sickly child, she died at eight months old (Ackroyd, 1990, p. 627-628).

  4. Dora Annie Dickens, the daughter of Charles Dickens and Catherine Hogarth Dickens, was born on 16th August, 1850. She was named after Dora Spenlow, the dead heroine in the book David Copperfield.

  5. Charles and Catherine Dickens 's ninth child and third daughter was Dora Annie Dickens (1850-1851), who lived just eight months.

  6. Sir Henry Fielding Dickens, Q. C. ("Harry," 1849-1933), a Cambridge graduate, sportsman, and lawyer; father of novelist Monica Dickens. 9. Dora Annie Dickens (1850-1851), named after the first wife of David Copperfield, died in infancy on 14 April 1851. 10. Edward Bulwer Lytton Dickens

  7. 20 de sept. de 2018 · Death of Dora Annie Dickens May The Company of Amateurs perform Bulwer Lytton’s Not So Bad as We Seem at Devonshire House before Queen Victoria, following with public performances in London and other cities to 3 Sept. 1853