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  1. Charles Howard. Charles Howard, I Conde de Nottingham, II Barón Howard de Effingham ( 1536 - 4 de diciembre de 1624 ), conocido como Howard de Effingham, fue un estadista inglés y Lord Gran Almirante de Isabel I y James I. Fue comandante de las fuerzas inglesas durante las batallas contra la Armada Española y fue el principal responsable de ...

    • William Howard, 1st Baron Howard of Effingham, Margaret Gamage
    • Howard
  2. 15/01/2022 · Charles Howard started in the bicycle business, just like his famous contemporaries Carl Fisher and Wilbur and Orville Wright. In San Francisco, Howard somehow scraped up enough money to open his ...

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  3. Charles Howard died of a heart attack in 1950 and was buried in the Cypress Lawn Memorial Park in Colma, California. Ridgewood Ranch was sold by his heirs, with some of the horses sent to his son Lindsay's Binglin Stable in Moorpark, California. See also. Seabiscuit – a film starring Jeff Bridges as Charles S Howard. External links

    • Overview
    • Early life: 1536–1558
    • Early political career: 1558–1585
    • Lord High Admiral: 1585–1619
    • Later life: 1619–1624
    • Legacy

    Charles Howard, 1st Earl of Nottingham, 2nd Baron Howard of Effingham, known as Howard of Effingham, was an English statesman and Lord High Admiral under Elizabeth I and James I. He was commander of the English forces during the battles against the Spanish Armada and was chiefly responsible for the victory that saved England from invasion by the Spanish Empire.

    Few details of Charles Howard's early life are known. He was born in 1536, and was the cousin of Queen Elizabeth. He was son of William Howard, 1st Baron Howard of Effingham and Margaret Gamage, daughter of Sir Thomas Gamage. He was a grandson of Thomas Howard, 2nd Duke of Norfolk. He was also the cousin of Anne Boleyn, and held several prominent posts during the reign of Anne's daughter, Elizabeth I. It is believed that Charles Howard was taught French and a bit of Latin at the house of his unc

    Howard went to the peace negotiations between England and France which led to the Treaty of Câteau-Cambrésis of 1559. He personally informed Elizabeth of its ratification. He served as Ambassador to France in 1559. In December 1562, he became the keeper of the Queen's house and park at Oatlands. In his early years at court he and five other gentlemen bore the canopy of state when Queen Elizabeth opened her second Parliament on 11 January 1563, and he is recorded as having been a regular ...

    Howard was named Lord High Admiral in 1585. The French ambassador wrote to Sir Francis Walsingham, saying Elizabeth's appointment of Howard was "a choice worthy of her virtue and prudence and very necessary for the Admiralty. I pray you tell her that the King has written to me by an express to thank her for having elected so good an admiral, from whom he hopes great things for the peace of his subjects".

    Howard died in 1624 at the age of 88. None of his three sons left heirs, and shortly after the last died the Nottingham earldom was recreated for a close relative of the Earl of Winchilsea; the Howard of Effingham barony passed to descendants of his brother, the Earl of Effingham being the modern heir.

    William Bourne dedicated his 1578 book Inventions or Devices. Very Necessary for all Generalles and Captaines, as wel by Sea as by Land to Howard and Robert Norman dedicated to Howard his 1584 translations of two Dutch guides to North Sea coastlines. Richard Hakluyt's 1598 edition of The Principall Navigations, Voiages, and Discoveries of the English Nation was also dedicated to Howard. During a debate on the American Revolutionary War in the House of Lords on 18 November 1777, Henry Howard, 12t

    • 1536
    • Margaret Gamage
    • Overview
    • Early life
    • Career
    • Personal life

    Charles Henry George Howard, 20th Earl of Suffolk, 13th Earl of Berkshire, GC, FRS, FRSE was an English bomb disposal expert who was also an earl in the Peerage of England, belonging to the ancient Howard family. He was styled Viscount Andover until 1917. He is most famous for being responsible for rescuing a team of French nuclear scientists and the entire world stockpile of heavy water from France to Britain in the face of the imminent French defeat in 1940. He was known by the nicknames Mad J

    He was the son of Henry Howard, 19th Earl of Suffolk, and his American wife, the former Margaret Hyde Leiter, sister of Lady Curzon and daughter of the American businessman Levi Leiter. The 19th Earl was killed in the First World War at the Battle of Istabulat, Iraq. After leaving the Royal Naval College, Osborne, at 15, he attended Radley College, but quit in 1923 to join the windjammer Mount Stewart as an apprentice officer. After his return from a round the world voyage, he was commissioned i

    As Liaison Officer for the British Department of Scientific and Industrial Research during the Second World War, the Earl of Suffolk and his colleague Major A. V. Golding were posted to Paris. They, and their private secretaries, Eileen Beryl Morden and Marguerite Nicolle, left Paris on 10 June 1940 due to the impending Fall of France. From there they made their way to Bordeaux, where British Embassy representatives introduced them to the master of the British tramp ship SS Broompark, which was

    In 1934, he married Chicago-born ballet dancer Mimi Forde Pigott, and they had three children: 1. Michael Howard, 21st Earl of Suffolk. 2. Hon. Maurice David Henry Howard, who married Vicky Summers in 1998. 3. Hon. Patrick Greville Howard, who married Mary Johnson in 1966.

  4. Charles Howard (Marist Brother) (1924–2012), Australian clergyman, leader of Marist Brothers religious order. Charles T. Howard (1832–1885), founded the Louisiana State Lottery Company, philanthropist. Charles Howard (police officer) (1833–1909), English Assistant Commissioner of London police, 1890–1902.

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    Hinton fue condenado por bigamia por casarse con Mary Ellen (hija de Mary Everest Boole y George Boole, el fundador de la lógica matemática) y Maud Wheldon. Sólo pasó un día en prisión, tras el que se trasladó con Mary Ellen primero a Japón en 1886 y más tarde junto a la Universidad de Princetonen 1893, donde fue profesor de matemáticas.

    En un artículo de 1880 titulado “What is the Fourth Dimension?” (“¿Qué es la cuarta dimensión?”), Hinton sugería que los puntos que se movían a lo largo de las tres dimensiones podían concebirse como secciones consecutivas de líneas cuatridimensionales atravesando un plano tridimensional, una idea que anticipó la noción de línea de universo y del tiempo como cuarta dimensión (aunque Hinton no lo propuso explícitamente, pues el artículo trataba principalmente de la posibilidad de una cuarta dimensión espacial), que aparecieron más tarde en la teoría de la relatividad especial de Einstein. Hinton introdujo posteriormente un sistema de cubos coloreados mediante cuyo estudio, según aseguraba, era posible aprender a visualizar el espacio cuatridimensional (Casting out the Self, 1904). Aparecieron rumores de que estos cubos hicieron enloquecer a varias personas. Hinton acuñó muchos neologismos para describir elementos en la cuarta dimensión. De acuerdo con el Oxford English Dictionary, fu...

    Scientific Romances: First and Second Series, orig. 1884 y 1885, reimpreso en 1976 con introducción de James Webb, Arno Press, ISBN 0-405-07954-0
    The Fourth Dimension, orig. 1904, 1912 by Ayer Co., Kessinger Press reprint, ISBN 0-405-07953-2, versión escaneada disponible en the Internet Archive
    Speculations on the Fourth Dimension: Selected Writings of Charles H. Hinton, editado popr Rudolf Rucker, 1980, Dover Publications, ISBN 0-486-23916-0 (incluye una selección de Scientific Romances,...

    Charles Howard Hinton es el personaje protagonista de Un genio olvidado (Un rato en la vida de Charles Howard Hinton), de Carlos Atanes, obra de teatro estrenada en Madrid en 2015 que especula acer...

    Relatos científicos. Una obra literaria de Hinton Reseña de Jorge Luis Borgesa la edición de dicha obra en castellano.
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