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  1. Charles William Ferdinand Duke of Brunswick 1735–1806: George III 1738–1820 r.1760–1820: Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz 1744–1818: Frederick William II King of Prussia 1744–1797: Edward Duke of York and Albany 1739–1767: Elizabeth Caroline 1741–1759: William Henry Duke of Gloucester and Edinburgh 1743–1805: Henry Duke of Cumberland and Strathearn 1745–1790

  2. 30/09/2021 · Duke John Albert of Mecklenburg was born in Schwerin the fifth child of Frederick Francis II, Grand Duke of Mecklenburg and his first wife Princess Augusta Reuss of Köstritz (1822–1862). Duke John Albert was educated in Dresden, pursued a career in the Prussian Army and was well known for his love of sports.

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    Charlotte Lee was born Charlotte Fitzroy, on 5 September 1664, the fourth child and second daughter of Barbara Palmer, Countess of Castlemaine, the only child of the Royalist commander William Villiers, 2nd Viscount Grandison. She was placed in the care of a governess in Berkshire House. Charlotte Fitzroy's mother had separated from her husband Roger Palmer, 1st Earl of Castlemaine, but was still married to him. Castlemaine did not father any of his wife's children; Charlotte and her siblings were the illegitimate offspring of their mother's royal lover, Charles II. The king acknowledged his daughter and so she bore the surname of Fitzroy– "child of the King". The diarist Samuel Pepysnoted that the child would likely have good marriage prospects: "my Lady Castlemayne [Barbara Villiers] will in merriment say that her daughter (not above a year old or two) will be the first mayde in the Court that will be married…" Charlotte was the favourite niece of James, Duke of York, younger brot...

    On 16 May 1674, before her tenth birthday, Lady Charlotte was contracted to marry Sir Edward Lee, and they were married on 6 February 1677, in her thirteenth year. When Charles Stewart, 6th Duke of Lennox, died in 1673, Sir Edward was created Earl of Lichfield. Charlotte's dowry was agreed at £18,000, and her husband was awarded a pension of £2,000 per year. Together they had eighteen children: 1. Charlotte Lee, Lady Baltimore (13 March 1678 (Old Style) – 22 January 1721), 1.1. (1) Benedict Calvert, 4th Baron Baltimore, by whom she had six children. 1.2. (2) Christopher Crowe, Consul of Leghorn, by whom she had four children. 2. Charles Lee, Viscount Quarendon (6 May 1680 – 13 October 1680). 3. Edward Henry Lee, Viscount Quarendon (6 June 1681 – 21 October 1713). 4. Captain Hon. James Lee (13 November 1681 – 1711). 5. The Hon. Francis Lee (14 February 1685 – died young). 6. Lady Anne Lee (29 June 1686 – d. 1716?), married N Morgan. 7. The Hon. Charles Lee (5 June 1688 – 3 January 17...

    Charlotte Lee died on 17 February 1718, aged 53, and was buried in All Saints Churchyard in Spelsbury, Oxfordshire, England. A building was constructed right next to her house that would eventually be known as 10 Downing Street.

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    Jameson, Anna (1833). The Beauties of the Court of Charles the Second: A Series of Memoirs Biographical and Critical. Henry G Bohn, York St, Covent Garden, London.
    Jesse, John (1855). Memoirs of the Court of England During the Reign of the Stuarts.
  3. 11/10/2021 · Carlo II, Ludovico, Duke of Parma; Credit – Wikipedia Carlo Ludovico was King of Etruria (1803 – 1807), Duke of Lucca (1824 – 1847) and Duke of Parma (1847 – 1849). Carlo Ludovico Ferdinando was born on December 22, 1799, at the Royal Palace of Madrid in Spain.

  4. 30/09/2021 · 30.09.2021 · U Gleich vier berühmte Monster aus den japanischen Toho- Studio-Produktionen geben hier ihr Stelldichein: Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah und Rodan 117/165 Min. USA/J/MEX/TWN 2019 R Michael Dougherty D Kyle Chandler, Sally Hawkins, Ken Watanabe, Charles Dance, David Strathairn FSK 12 Epische Fights und gigantische Tricks SPASS ACTION GEFÜHL SPANNUNG ANSPRUCH lll lll MEDIATHEK ...

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    Princess Henrietta was born on 16 June 1644, on the eve of the Second Battle of Newbury during the Civil War, at Bedford House in Exeter, a seat of William Russell, 5th Earl of Bedford (1613–1700), who had recently returned to the Royalist side. Her father was King Charles I of England, her mother the youngest daughter of Henry IV of France and Marie de' Medici. All her life, Henrietta would enjoy a close relationship with her mother, Queen Henrietta Maria. Her connections with the court of France as niece of King Louis XIII and cousin of Louis XIVwould prove to be very useful later in life. Shortly before the birth of Henrietta, her mother had been forced to leave Oxford for Exeter, where she had arrived on 1 May 1644. Many thought she would not survive the birth due to her state of health at the time. After a particularly difficult birth, the princess was put in the care of Anne Villiers, Countess of Morton, known at that time as Lady Dalkeith. For the safety of the infant princes...

    While living at the French court, the princess was given the name Anne in honour of her aunt, the French queen Anne of Austria. When she first arrived, she was known as Henrietta d'Angleterre or the princesse d'Angleterre in France. She and her mother were given apartments at the Louvre, a monthly pension of 30,000 livres and the use of the Château de Saint-Germain-en-Laye. This lavish establishment soon diminished as all the money Queen Henrietta Maria received was given to her husband in England or to exiled cavaliers who had fled to France. During the Fronde, the civil war that raged in France between 1648 and 1653, Henrietta and her mother stayed at the Louvre. In February 1649, Henrietta's mother was informed of the execution of her husband Charles I, who had been beheaded on 30 January. At the end of the Fronde, Queen Henrietta Maria and her daughter moved into the Palais Royal with the young Louis XIV and his mother and brother Philippe. At the same time, Queen Henrietta Mari...

    In 1667 Henrietta began complaining of an intermittent, intense pain in her side. Beginning in April 1670, according to reports, Henrietta began having digestive problems so severe that she could consume only milk. Returning to France after the treaty, Henrietta went to stay at Saint Cloud with her husband on 26 June. On 29 June, at five o'clock, Henrietta drank a glass of iced chicory water. According to reports, immediately after drinking the water she felt a pain in her side and cried out, "Ah! What a pain! What shall I do! I must be poisoned!" She immediately assumed she had been poisoned and asked both for an antidote and for someone to examine the chicory water. She was given common contemporary treatments for colic, as well as anti-poisons. The royal family arrived at Saint Cloud having heard the news within hours. Bishop Bossuet was called and later administered Extreme Unction. At 2 o'clock in the morning of 30 June 1670, Princess Henrietta died.The Chevalier de Lorraine an...

    Marie Louise d'Orléans (26 March 1662 – 12 February 1689) married Charles II of Spain, no issue.
    Miscarriage (1663).
    Stillborn daughter (9 July 1665).
  5. 02/10/2021 · Pair von Frankreich, Premier gentilhomme de la Chambre du Roi, Urenkel von Gabriel de Rochechouart, 1. Duc de Mortemart (siehe oben), Adrien-Maurice de Noailles, 3. Duc de Noailles. James Fitzjames, 1. Duke of Berwick. Pair von Frankreich, Peer von England, Grand von Spanien, Ritter des Ordens vom Goldenen Vlies, Marschall von Frankreich.