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  1. 3 de feb. de 2023 · Directed by Martin Scorsese • 1974 • United States Starring Catherine Scorsese, Charles Scorsese In one of his most personal works, Martin Scorsese sits down with his parents, Catherine and Charles,... 4 Elliott Maraniss @ElliottMaraniss · 16m Replying to @criterionchannl The Irishman 1 Criterion Channel @criterionchannl · 14m Replying to

  2. 2 de feb. de 2023 · – Runtime: 102 minutes Legendary performer Paul Robeson made his onscreen debut as the two lead characters in this silent film about a convict masquerading as a preacher and his upstanding twin brother. The entire cast of “Body and Soul,” save one actor, is Black, which meant that when the film debuted, it really didn’t reach mainstream audiences.

  3. About 20 years ago there was a Church film at temple visitors centers and forgive me for being a cynic, but that Jesus reminded me of Willem Dafoe who famously portrayed Jesus in the Martin Scorsese biopic The Last Temptation of Christ. (I did not watch that R rated movie but I did enjoy Dafoe's performance in Platoon, who, played: Sgt. ELIAS(!).

  4. 3 de feb. de 2023 · A grand dame if ever there was, it’s hard to imagine anywhere with a more venerable guestbook: JFK, Bill Gates, Ray Charles, Martin Scorsese and about sixteen zillion other household names have all stayed here, and so too Paul McCartney – in 2013, the former Beatle thrilled fans that had gathered outside by jokingly flexing his biceps at them from one of the windows.

  5. 3 de feb. de 2023 · Nick Sandow (Joe Caputo) While Orange Is the New Black is considered his most notable role, Sandow has also starred on Law & Order, Third Watch, NYPD Blue, Boardwalk Empire and Blue Bloods. He wrote and directed 2015’s The Wannabe, produced by Martin Scorsese. JoJo Whilden/Netflix; Gregory Pace/Shutterstock.

  6. 3 de feb. de 2023 · One of two circus twins is cheated of an inheritance by his double, who sets himself up in a chateau.Only to be threatened by a sinister black hooded sect. Rollicking adventures follow, culminating with a big chase on the Eiffel Tower. 3.45GB | 2h 18m | 768×576 | mkv

  7. 3 de feb. de 2023 · The Complete Argo & L'Oiseau-Lyre Recordings (19 CDs), CD, Boxed Set, Classical Artists, 028948521180