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  1. Charles Seymour, VI duque de Somerset (13 de agosto de 1662 – 2 de diciembre de 1748), conocido como el "Duque Orgulloso", fue un par inglés. Reconstruyó Petworth House , Sussex, asentamiento ancestral de la familia de su mujer.

  2. Yale University ( AB, PhD) Charles Seymour (January 1, 1885 – August 11, 1963) was an American academic, historian and the 15th President of Yale University from 1937 to 1951. As an academic administrator, he was instrumental in establishing Yale's residential college system.

  3. Charles Fox Parham (4 de junio de 1873 - 29 de enero de 1929) fue un predicador y evangelista estadounidense. 1 Junto con William J. Seymour, fue una de las dos figuras centrales en el desarrollo y la difusión temprana del pentecostalismo. 2 3 . Fue Parham quien asoció la glosolalia o creencia en el don de lenguas con el bautismo en el ...

  4. 9 de abr. de 2024 · Charles Seymour, 6th duke of Somerset (born August 12, 1662—died December 2, 1748, Petworth, Sussex, England) was a British statesman during the reign of Queen Anne, who helped to secure the accession of George I of Hanover. His brother, Francis Seymour, inherited the dukedom on the death of a cousin (the 4th duke) but was shot in ...

  5. Charles Seymour, 6th Duke of Somerset, KG, PC, (13 August 1662 – 2 December 1748), known by the epithet "The Proud Duke", was an English aristocrat and courtier. He rebuilt Petworth House in Sussex, the ancient Percy seat inherited from his wife, in the palatial form which survives today.

  6. In A Theodicy of Hell Charles Seymour tackles one of the most difficult problems facing the western theistic tradition: to show the consonance between eternal punishment and the goodness of God. Medieval theology attempted to resolve the dilemma by arguing that any sin, no matter how slight, merits unending torment.

  7. Francis Seymour, 5th Duke of Somerset, 3rd Baron Seymour of Trowbridge (1658–1678) 6th Duke of Somerset KG. 6th Duke of Somerset KG (Marital arms) Charles Seymour, 6th Duke of Somerset KG (1662–1748) married Lady Elizabeth Percy (1667– 1722) only daughter and heir of Joceline Percy, 11th Earl of Northumberland. 7th Duke of Somerset