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  1. Charles Spencer, 3rd Earl of Sunderland, KG, PC (23 April 1675 – 19 April 1722), known as Lord Spencer from 1688 to 1702, was an English statesman and nobleman from the Spencer family. He served as Lord Lieutenant of Ireland (1714–1717), Lord Privy Seal (1715–1716), Lord President of the Council (1718–1719) and First Lord of the Treasury (1718–1721).

  2. Charles Spencer (c. 1674–1722), succeeded as 3rd Earl of Sunderland. They are believed to have had two or more other children who died young, as Lady Sunderland referred in a letter to "my two living of seven children".

  3. John Spencer, 1st Earl Spencer (1734–1783), a grandson of the 3rd Earl of Sunderland through his third and youngest son; George John Spencer, 2nd Earl Spencer (1758–1834), politician and book collector; John Charles Spencer, 3rd Earl Spencer (1782–1845), better known as Lord Althorp, politician; Frederick Spencer, 4th Earl Spencer (1798 ...

  4. Charles Richard John Spencer-Churchill, 9th Duke of Marlborough, KG, TD, PC (13 November 1871 – 30 June 1934), styled Earl of Sunderland until 1883 and Marquess of Blandford between 1883 and 1892, was a British soldier and Conservative politician, and a close friend of his first cousin Winston Churchill.

  5. John Charles Spencer, 3rd Earl Spencer (1782–1845) Frederick Spencer, 4th Earl Spencer (1798–1857) John Spencer, 5th Earl Spencer (1835–1910) Charles Spencer, 6th Earl Spencer (1857–1922) Albert Spencer, 7th Earl Spencer (1892–1975) John Spencer, 8th Earl Spencer (1924–1992) Charles Spencer, 9th Earl Spencer (b. 1964)

  6. Charles Spencer, 3rd Duke of Marlborough, KG, PC (22 November 1706 – 20 October 1758), styled as The Honourable Charles Spencer between 1706 and 1729 and as The Earl of Sunderland between 1729 and 1733, was a British soldier, nobleman, and politician from the Spencer family. He briefly served as Lord Privy Seal in 1755.

  7. Charles Spencer 3rd Earl of Sunderland: 16 March 1718 6 February 1719 First Lord of the Treasury; Whig: Stanhope–Sunderland II: His Grace Evelyn Pierrepont