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  1. Christopher "Maverick" Blair is a fictional character in the science fiction franchise Wing Commander, first appearing in the video game Wing Commander in 1990, although he was only given a canonical name years later.

    • Ken Demarest III (WCII), Mark Hamill (Academy)
    • Wing Commander (1990)
  2. 12/11/2018 · Christopher Blair trabajaba como obrero de la construcción hasta que encontró un negocio muy lucrativo, con miles de lectores cautivos en Estados Unidos: las noticias falsas. Pero el trabajo de ...

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    Christopher Blair, (callsign Maverick, Pilgrim), The Heart of the Tiger and the Savior of the Terran Confederation was a hero of the Kilrathi War. A competent and cool-headed, though not unemotional, with his 'rebellious' cockpit moniker assigned him as an ironic reference to his Boy Scout personality. He is one of the top twenty aces of the war having served alongside the other top aces including Todd Marshall (Maniac), and Carl T. LaFong (Prankster), who were among disproportionate number aces...

    Christopher is a calm, handsome fellow who descends from 40 generations of a family of Blairs, which maintained a tradition of wealth, influence and public service. He was originally born on Earth (or possibly Nephele, though at least spent most of his life there). His parents were Arnold Blair a great military hero and warrior of the Terran Confederation and Devi Soulsong from Peron, from whom he inherited the Pilgrim talents. He was born on Nephele II (though some sources claim he was from Ear...

    An old fashioned man, a Jeffersonian gentleman, the cheerful innocent, conscientious and boyishly enthusiastic Maverick is motivated by a sense of personal and family honor, without snobbery, greed or petty ambitions. Though highly competitive, Maverick almost always maintains honesty and a sense of fair play. Blair had an orphaned, complicated childhood. He had a deep sense of personal ethics. He was reserved, especially in personal questions, and was very sensitive to comments and inappropriat...

  3. Media Specialist. NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center. Since July 2014. Full-time. Huntsville. United States - Alabama. Supporting the International Space Station and its Program Science Office, I support events and develop media products for distribution to a diverse, global audience, as well as for internal and external stakeholders, news ...

  4. Christopher Blair received his Doctorate in Cognitive and Brain Sciences from the University of Nevada, Reno in 2015 where his research focused principally on neural correlates of visual perception, size perception, and form motion interactions. Between 2015 and 2017, he completed a PostDoc in Visual Attention at McGill University.

    • Teaching Assistant Professor
  5. 27/11/2018 · Christopher Blair takes a sip of his coffee. Then he carefully focuses on one of the three screens in front of him. He’s in his home office, 45 minutes outside Portland, Maine, on the US East Coast.

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