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  1. Hace 19 horas · "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'" has been covered successfully by numerous artists. In 1965, Cilla Black 's recording reached No. 2 in the UK Singles Chart. Dionne Warwick took her version to No. 16 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1969.

    • "There's a Woman"
    • November 1964
    • October 1964
    • Gold Star, Hollywood
  2. 24/09/2022 · British David Warner is photographed at the Duke of York’s Barracks in Chelsea, London, Jan. 19, 1967, where he was rehearsing for the film production “Work… is A Four Letter Word” with British...

  3. 24/09/2022 · Als er één plek ter wereld is, waar ik het liefst een 'fly on the wall' was geweest, dan had ik gekozen voor de Abbey Road Studio's. Natuurlijk op de eerste plaats omdat ik er in de sixties The Beatles aan het werk had kunnen zien.

  4. 24/09/2022 · Top Of The Pops: 1993 - BBC 4. Higher Ground by UB40 was the 2nd single from Promises And Lies which was in the middle of a 7 week run at the top of the album chart and their previous hit Can't Help Falling In Love was in the middle of a 7 week run at the top of the US Hot 100. I actually liked this track. Had no recollection of the track at all.

  5. 24/09/2022 · 1964 - The New Boss Guitar of George Benson. 1966 - It's Uptown. 1966 - The George Benson Cookbook. 1968 - Giblet Gravy. 1968 - Goodies. 1968 - Shape Of Things To Come. 1969 - Tell It Like It Is. 1970 - The Other Side of Abbey Road. 1971 - Beyond The Blue Horizon.

  6. 24/09/2022 · Marvel Essentials Marvel Legends Marvel Omnibus Marvin Gaye Marx Brothers Mary Blair Mary Hopkin Mary Tyler Moore Matt Baker Mego Mel Blanc Melanie Michael Cho Michael Golden Michael Jackson Michael Kaluta Mickey Mouse Micronauts Midwich Cuckoos Mike Grell Mike Shayne Miles Davis Millie Jackson Milt Caniff Miyazaki Mod Mod Squad Modesty Blaise Moebius Monkees Monty Python Moomins Moon Girl and ...

  7. 24/09/2022 · “Got to be my luck in tonight.. Having drawn this in the random seat lottery….”

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