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  1. Young and other adherents of the doctrine claim that Smith was its originator and that Smith privately taught it to them before his death, in 1844. However, the prevailing academic view is that the doctrine taught by Young and others was an elaboration of Smith's vague references to Adam's unique role in Mormon doctrine.

  2. 05/07/2018 · They want to help humans fight back against the evil forces of Alpha Draconis, but in order to do so, the Andromedans need humans to become aware of the vast alien conspiracy in all world governments. Alex Collier has been in contact with the Andromedans since he was very young and so he has become the great bridge between our two civilizations.

  3. “Engaging young writers actively in the use of criteria, applied to their own or others’ writing, results not only in more effective revisions but in superior first drafts….Most of them show significant gains…, suggesting that the criteria learned act not only as guides for revision but as guides for generating new material.”

  4. Marjorie Jacqueline Simpson, née Bouvier et surnommée « Marge », est un personnage fictif de la série télévisée d'animation Les Simpson qui fait partie de la famille éponyme, doublée par Julie Kavner dans la version originale, Véronique Augereau dans la version française et Béatrice Picard dans la version québécoise.