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  1. Acre (Israel) - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre Coordenadas: 32°55′34″N 35°05′02″E Acre (Israel) Acre (en hebreo עכו, Akko; en árabe عكا, Akka) es una ciudad costera de Israel situada a orillas del mar Mediterráneo, cercana a la bahía de Haifa. Pertenece administrativamente al Distrito Norte. Durante la Tercera Cruzada se llamó San Juan de Acre .

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    Acre was an important city during the Crusades, and was the site of several battles. It was the last city held by the Crusaders in the Levant before it was captured in 1291. In present-day Israel, the population was 49,380 in 2019, [1] made up of Jews, Muslims, Christians, Druze, and Baháʼís. [5]

  3. Acre (/ ˈ ɑː k ər / or / ˈ eɪ k ər /), known to locals as Akko (Hebrew: עַכּוֹ, ʻAkkō) or Akka (Arabic: عكّا, ʻAkkā), is a city in the Mediterranean coastal plain region of the Northern District of Israel. Its residents include Muslims, Jews and Arabs. Acre - עַכּוֹ

    • ʕakko
    • Northern
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    Accordin tae the Israeli Central Office o Statistics, 95% o the residents in the Auld Ceety are Arab. Anerlie aboot 15 percent o the current Arab population in the ceety descends frae families who lived thare afore 1948. Schuils for Arab ceetizens hae been unnerfundit. In 1999, thare wur 22 schuils in Acre wi an enrollment o 15,000 childer. In 2000...

    The Sir Charles Clore Jewish-Arab Community Center in the Wolfson neighborhuid runs youth clubs an programs for Jewish an Arab childer. In 1990, Mohammed Faheli, an Arab resident o Acre, foondit the Acre Jewish-Arab association, which oreeginally operatit oot o twa bomb shelters. In 1993, Dame Vivien Duffieldo the Clore Foundation donatit funds for...

    Acre's Auld Ceety haes been designatit bi UNESCO as a Warld Heritage Steid. Syne the 1990s, lairge-scale aircheological excavations hae been unnertaken an efforts are bein made tae preserve auncient steids. In 2009, renovations wur planned for Khan al-Omadan, the Inn o the Columns", the lairgest o several Ottoman inns still staundin in Acre. It wis...

    The Acre central bus station, served bi Egged, affers ceety an inter-ceety bus routes tae destinations aw ower Israel. The ceety is an aa served bi the Acre Railway Station.

    Acre is twinnedwi: 1. Pisa, Italy, syne 1998 2. Bregenz, Austrick 3. La Rochelle, Fraunce, syne 1972 4. Recklinghausen, Germany 5. Bielsko-Biała, Poland 6. Canton, Unitit States 7. Deerfield Beach, Unitit States

    Offeecial wabsteid o the Auld Ceety o Acre Archived 2011-05-19 at the Wayback Machine
    Acre's History (Jewish Virtual Library)
    Acre travel home page Archived 2011-07-17 at the Wayback Machine(
    • 13.533 km² (5.225 sq mi)
    • Northren
    • ʕakko
    • Ceety
  5. Acre (en hebreo: עכו, "Akko"; en árabe: عكّا, "Akkā") é unha cidade de Israel, situada no Distrito do Norte, na beira do mar Mediterráneo. En 2003 tiña 45 600 habitantes, 75 % de xudeus e 25% árabes. Acre é a sede do xefe da Fe Bahá'í .

    • Distrito Norte
    • 47 200 hab. (2012)
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