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    Corbitant was a Wampanoag sachem under Massasoit. Corbitant was the sachem of the Pocasset tribe in present-day North Tiverton, Rhode Island, c. 1618–1630. He lived in Mattapuyst or Mattapoiset, located in the southern part of today's Swansea, Massachusetts.

  2. The Pocasset Tribe was a first contact tribe headed by Chief Corbitant, father of Female Sachem Weetamoe, King Phillips’ Sister in Law. The Pocasset was one of the largest and most powerful tribes in the Pokanoket Federation.

  3. 12 de may. de 2022 · Corbitant, a Pocasset sachem from Swansea and adviser to Massasoit, was said to be suspicious of Squanto’s close ties to the Pilgrims and was involved in a battle with Myles Standish over him.

  4. When Corbitant Pocasset Sachem was born on 18 May 1595, in North America, his father, Sachem Iyannough Cummaquid, was 37 and his mother, Keshechoo Wessonsuoum, was 26. He married Sacuramic Pocassets Tribe on 14 January 1614, in Native, Clark, Arkansas, United States.

  5. Weetamoo was born between 1635 and 1640 on the shores of what is known today as Cape Cod. Her father Corbitant was the sachem of the Pocasset people. The Pocasset were one of the communities of the Wampanoag Confederacy, a group that lived throughout the territory known today as New England.

  6. 19 de nov. de 2020 · In the summer of 1621, a dissident Wampanoag sachem named Corbitant, backed by other leaders from Cape Cod and the islands, threatened Ousamequin’s life and briefly took Tisquantum captive.

  7. 19 de nov. de 2020 · Among those with less confidence in the good intentions of the English newcomers was Corbitant, the sachem of the Pocasset tribe of Wampanoag, who objected to the settlement.