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    A guisarme (sometimes gisarme, giserne or bisarme) is a pole weapon used in Europe primarily between 1000 and 1400. Its origin is likely Germanic, from the Old High German getīsarn, literally "weeding iron".

  2. Enrique II de Castilla, también conocido como Enrique de Trastámara, llamado «el Fratricida» o «el de las Mercedes» (Sevilla, 13 de enero de 1334-Santo Domingo de la Calzada, 29 de mayo de 1379), fue rey de Castilla, el primero de la Casa de Trastámara

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    In radiometry, irradiance is the radiant flux received by a surface per unit area. The SI unit of irradiance is the watt per square metre (W⋅m −2).The CGS unit erg per square centimetre per second (erg⋅cm −2 ⋅s −1) is often used in astronomy.

  4. Battle of Pola (7 May 1379) The next spring (1379) the Venetians attempted to attack Traù again, but were repelled. During the summer of 1379 Pisani was employed partly in attacking Genoa in Cyprus, but mainly in taking possession of the Istrian and Dalmatian towns which supported the Hungarians from fear of the aggressive ambition of Venice.

  5. Online Library of Liberty The OLL is a curated collection of scholarly works that engage with vital questions of liberty. Spanning the centuries from Hammurabi to Hume, and collecting material on topics from art and economics to law and political theory, the OLL provides you with a rich variety of texts to explore and consider.

  6. Joan Beaufort (c. 1379 – 13 November 1440) was the youngest of the four legitimised children and only daughter of John of Gaunt, 1st Duke of Lancaster (third surviving son of King Edward III), by his mistress, later wife, Katherine Swynford.