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  1. Hace 17 horas · Daniel Day-Lewis in everything, but especially There Will Be Blood. Gary Oldman in Leon. Michael Fassbender in Hunger. I love those performances that are extra.

  2. Hace 17 horas · But I’m wondering what about DDL makes him regarded at the best actor ever? Like I understand why so many people say it, but what about DDL sets him apart from other amazing actors like Gary Oldman and Christian Bale to make him “the best”? I think he’s amazing for the record but I just want someone who is an acting critic to breakdown ...

  3. Hace 17 horas · Daniel Day-Lewis always gives it 110 percent (fun fact: He trained as a boxer for this! For over a year! And he allegedly gave himself a tattoo on his hand!), and that includes in this sports drama.

  4. Hace 17 horas · She was always over rated. I was just saying to Daniel Day-Lewis the other day, "You know, poor Meryl only has [italic]two [/italic] Best Actress Oscars. Why, that's only as many as Hilary Swank!" M chooses her projects carefully. Whereas others take everything.

  5. Hace 17 horas · Dia juga berbagi harapan lain dengan dipilihnya Lili Reinhart sebagai Chelsea Cunningham, Noah Centineo sebagai Smirk, Bill Skarsgard sebagai J-Man, Daniel Day-Lewis sebagai Derek Powers/Blight, Gemma Chan sebagai Inque, Sophia Lillis sebagai Robin/Carrie Kelly, Tom Hopper sebagai Mad Stan, Dove Cameron sebagai Melanie Walker, Matthew Gray Gubler sebagai Dr. Ira Billings/Spelbinder, hingga ...

  6. Hace 17 horas · Daniel Day-Lewis Became a Star With Two Wildly Different Roles in. 345.html. Get me a bromide and put some gin in it. Day lewis Daniel day. A Room With A View - BellaOnline Forums. A Room with a View 1985. Oscar Vault Monday A Room with a View 1986 dir. James Ivory. Bright Wall Dark Room July 2018 A Room with a View Features. Ferran Burguillos ...

  7. Hace 17 horas · 主题The Unbearable Lightness of Being(不能承受的生命之轻)灵感来源Milan Kundera(米兰昆·德拉)1982 年的小说和1988 年由Phillip Kauffman(菲利普·考夫曼)和Daniel Day Lewis(丹尼尔·戴·刘易斯)执导的电影《布拉格之恋》。

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