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  1. 15/05/2018 · David IV Aghmashenebeli was king of Georgia (1089-1125), often considered the greatest of Georgian kings. The son of King Giorgi II, David was raised during one of the darkest chapters of Georgian history. From around 1080, Georgia faced a massive immigration of nomadic Turcoman tribes, which began to settle in the southern Caucasus.

  2. David IV of Georgia (1073-24 January 1125) was King of Georgia from 1089 to 1125, succeeding George II of Georgia and preceding Demetrius I of Georgia. David was born in Kutaisi, Georgia in 1073, the son of George II of Georgia. His father ceded the throne to his 16-year-old son in 1089 as his kingdom suffered from Muslim invasions, and David formed a strong army with the goal of expelling the ...

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    Retrospectively, David the Builder has been variously referred to as David II, III, and IV, reflecting substantial variation in the ordinals assigned to the Georgian Bagratids, especially in the early period of their history, owing to the fact that the numbering of successive rulers moves between the many branches of the family.

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    The year of David's birth can be calculated from the date of his accession to the throne recorded in the Life of King of Kings David (ცხორებაჲ მეფეთ-მეფისა დავითისი), written c. 1123–1126, [11] [12] as k'oronikon (Paschal cycle) 309, that is, 1089, when he was 16 years old.

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    David IV, also known as David the Builder (Georgian: დავით აღმაშენებელი, Davit Aghmashenebeli) (1073– 24 January 1125), of the ...

  7. Foto acerca Cañón Martvili, Georgia - 15 de setiembre de 2017: Imagen De David IV De Georgia O David the Builder En El Monasterio De Gelati. Imagen de herencia, cristiano, famoso - 166107179