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  1. Origins. Trebizond already had a long history of autonomous rule before it became the center of a small empire in the Late Middle Ages.Due to its natural harbours, defensible topography and access to silver and copper mines, Trebizond became the pre-eminent Greek colony on the eastern Black Sea shore soon after its founding.

  2. Manuel I Komnenos (Greek: Μανουήλ Α' Κομνηνός; 28 November 1118 – 24 September 1180), Latinized Comnenus, also called Porphyrogennetos ("born in the purple"), was a Byzantine emperor of the 12th century who reigned over a crucial turning point in the history of Byzantium and the Mediterranean.

  3. 18/02/2021 · 约翰二世·梅加斯·科穆宁(希腊语: Ιωάννης Β΄ Μέγας Κομνηνός ,拉丁化:Iōannēs II Megas Komnēnos,约1262年-1297年8月16日),是特拉比松帝国的皇帝(1280年-1284年,1285年-1297年8月16日在位)。

  4. 03/09/2018 · Perhaps significantly, given future events, Boniface also had family connections with the Byzantine Empire, one of his brothers marrying the daughter of Byzantine emperor Manuel I (r. 1143-1180 CE) and another brother marrying the sister of the deposed Byzantine emperor Isaac II Angelos (r. 1185-1195 CE).