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  1. El siguiente álbum de Nilsson, Harry (1969), fue el primero en llegar a las listas de álbumes Billboard 200, y también proporcionó un sencillo Top 40 con "I Guess the Lord Must Be in New York City" (escrito como un contendiente para el tema de Midnight Cowboy), utilizado en la película de Mario Monicelli protagonizada por Sophia Loren La Mortadella (1971).

  2. N ew York is a city unlike any other in many ways—one of the less distinguished being its one-of-a-kind building-construction regulations. Though typically justified on safety grounds, these regulations provide only questionable safety benefits and, in some cases, may be counterproductive, while considerably raising the cost of new construction.

  3. 11/07/2022 · Sirico también recibió papeles fuera del molde de los gángsters, interpretando a oficiales de policía en las películas "Dead Presidents" ("Presidentes muertos") y "Deconstructing Harry" ("Los ...

  4. 06/08/2022 · Steve Bannon gives a keynote address to the audience at the CPAC convention in Dallas, Texas. During the beginning of his remarks, Bannon and the audience salute Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake for her ferocity standing fearlessly in front of the firestorm and winning the primary contest. Later in his unscripted remarks, around the […]

  5. Harry Jay Knowles (born December 11, 1971) is an American film critic and writer known for his website called Ain't It Cool News.Knowles was a member of the Austin Film Critics Association until he was removed in September 2017 "by a substantial majority vote" of the organization following allegations of sexual assault.

  6. 01/08/2022 · Deconstructing the soundscape of the original track, Romero then builds it back together in his own way, injecting a vibrant new personality that partygoers won’t be able to get enough of, hitting that repeat button to no end. Adding a massive new release to his discography, you can listen to Harry Romero’s take on the track down below.

  7. Harry Greenwood, born James Westwell, is the Whitelighter of the Vera-Vaughn Charmed Ones, and Fiona Callahan and the ex-boyfriend of Macy Vaughn and Charity Callahan. With the deaths of the Elders, all Whitelighters were extinguished. However, since the Elders had stripped Harry of his powers and Fiona, using the Vortex Viribus, gave Harry his powers back, he was able to make decisions for ...