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  1. Tarzán de los monos (Tarzan the Ape Man, 1932), 1.ª película de la serie Tarzán. Tarzán y su compañera (Tarzan and His Mate, 1934), 2ª película de la serie Tarzán. La fuga de Tarzán (Tarzan Escapes, 1936), 3ª película de la serie Tarzán. Tarzán y su hijo (Tarzan Finds a Son!, 1939), 4ª película de la serie Tarzán.

  2. 05/05/2022 · Gamak Ghar. NYT Critic’s Pick; Not Rated; Drama; Directed by ; Achal Mishra; Over two decades, babies are born, elders die, young people move on, but a home remains, even though visitors dwindle.

  3. Adventure is a 1945 American romantic drama film directed by Victor Fleming and starring Clark Gable and Greer Garson.Based on the 1937 novel The Anointed by Clyde Brion Davis, the film is about a sailor who falls in love with a librarian.

  4. La película habla de una mujer llamada Mona que le promete a su madre permanecer virgen hasta llegar al matrimonio; por controversias legales, la película original tuvo que ser exhibida sin créditos actorales, bajo una producción anónima (más tarde se revelaría que fue producida por Bill Osco y dirigida por Michael Benveniste y Howard Ziehm) que la distribuyó por diversos cines porno y ...

  5. Other films of questionable authenticity in this subgenre, sometimes referred to as Goona-goona epics, include Moana (1926), Trader Horn, The Blonde Captive, Tabu: A Story of the South Seas (all 1931), Goona Goona aka Kriss, Isle of Paradise, Virgins of Bali, Bird of Paradise (all 1932), Gow aka Gow the Killer (1934, re-released as Cannibal Island in 1956), Inyaah, Jungle Goddess (1934 ...

  6. The last member of their party, Suiden, leaps down from the boat and growls out. "Don't be getting a big head. Forget teaching her a lesson. When we find her, that she-devil's gonna get what's coming to her." he raises his arms up, and a pair of massive, jagged hooks shine in the fog, embedded where his hands used to be. "One way or another."